Why most current social platforms suck

One major problem with most current social platforms is they randomly ban people for things that are not offensive.

You can’t even make a joke on these platforms. They ban people for making jokes like the following.

Social censorship at it’s finest

Anyone with an IQ over 75 can clearly see I am making a joke here about how much Javascript sucks. In no way am I telling anyone to harm themselves or saying I want to harm myself.

What kind of petty broken censorship system is this?  Is this AI making these judgements? If so it sucks.
Did  some amateur that just started to learn to code, who is totally in love with Javascript reported this? If so grow up and learn some other languages and you will realize Javascript sucks.

I use Javascript all day every day for user interface creation, which is probably why I hate it. It just swallows things that should be an error or warning, making debugging harder. The 100% lack of a type system makes it really suck BAD BAD BAD. You never know what is going to be passed to functions. This. Don’t get me started on this in Javascript.
Javascript was one of the first languages I learned 15 years ago now. I have plenty experience with Javascript. I also have used Golang, PHP, Perl, Java, Scala, Actionscript, VB.NET, Sketchs, BASH and more. I speak out of experience not failure.

And if you are a Javascript fanboy and don’t know why it sucks… read this article. Javascript gives you secret hidden bugs and errors.

So much suck in 1 language








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