Why Linux Desktop will never go Mainstream

#1 It doesn’t work for shit

I’m not new to Linux desktop I’ve used it since 2008. It used to be pretty good, now it sucks ass. It constantly, constantly, constantly freezes. Not the normal freeze, but a super hard freeze that makes you have to unplug your computer to get it unfrozen. The type of freeze that none of the fancy bullshit key combos can fix. And this is on a system with an SSD and 8GB to 16GB ram. That is not acceptable. Back in the day I could run Linux Ubuntu on the shittiest of all shitty computers without it freezing. I could put it on the smallest, most underpowered laptop and it would run great. Now it is utter shit that has the power to freeze a PC with an SSD and 16GB of ram, like no ones business.

This makes it a childs toy. An OS for jobless people that have nothing to do but constantly dick around, diagnose and look for repairs. All of which takes many hours of googling and entering tons of bullshit into the terminal… if you are not in the freeze state. And it is easy to destroy your installation with the wrong commands. Try rm -r / var with a space between / and var or anything else, that tells linux to delete your whole installation.

I just love a dead app

Google all you want. Try all the bullshit keyboard commands you can find. NONE WILL UNFREEZE A FROZEN LINUX DESKTOP, NOT ONE!!!!!

This tells me that Linux Desktop is absolutely horrible at managing memory, which is one of the most basic principles of C programming for fuck sakes.. This is probably my biggest gripe here. Why the hell can’t linux desktop get Memory management working properly like a good OS. A good OS should never use every single last drop of memory to the point of freezing. At least free some memory by killing the process that is using the most memory. Don’t leave the fucking system frozen,. Rename the shit to Freezix desktop because that is what it specializes in, FREEZING SOLID AS FUCK.

I have also used Linux as a server OS. For a server OS it is ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS. I have never had a server completely freeze, not even once. So what the fuck why does the desktop versions freeze so bad????

#2 Too many distros and conceded users

Linux fanboys are the absolute worst, they are worse than a bucket or rotten puke in the hot summer sun. The typical Linux clown will scold you and put you down when you ask for help, acting like you are some type of idiot and they are fucking Einstein. If you use distro x they will say “Oh why do you use that POS you should be using xxx intead” Thanks fucktard that really helps me figure out why this suck balls piece of shit isn’t working.

There are way too many distros of Linux desktop. This fracturing means that a user base is spread out over many distros that all work differently, so there is no consortium on how shit should work, so many answers are always wrong. This also results in massive amounts of wasted developer time not to mention all the time wasted by end users trying to get the dysfunctional bullshit working.

It is like keyboards and terminals make dumb asses feel smarter than they truly are.

#3 The GPL and lack of good software

The GPL is terrible horse shit from hell. It is assbackwards thinking at full max. This assbackwards thinking prevents real software companies from making real software for lInux. How???? Well the GPL stipulates that any code that uses GPL libraries must be GIVEN AWAY FOR FREE. Free as in you must give your code base away to your competitors. This means if your app needs something like a library to access a USB on the computer it must be Opensourced and given away to your competitors. What business person in their right fucking mind would do something so unintelligent? NONE FOR FUCK SAKES. This is hands down the dumbest fucking shit to infect linux desktop.

Basically any code on LInux that needs to use a library from the core must be given away free. That is RETARDED. That is why no one ports their products or drivers over. That is why printers and video cards don’t work etc. The only thing developers could do is create replacement copies of all of the many C libraries that are GPL infected. GPL IS UTTTER FUCKING BULLSHIT GARBAGE.

Sure you can use these libraries without giving the code away, but they must be dynamically linked instead of statically linked. Dynamic linking is a programming term, it means the user must have the library installed before your software can work. This makes it a REAL FUCKING PAIN IN THE ASS FOR END USERS WHO ARE NOT THE TOP 5% OF LINUX USERS. This means a user can’t just install your app and have it work. NO the user must now be an expert in finding and installing libraries.

Death of GPL would make Linux far better over night. The only other option would be for C programmers to unite and replace all the GPL garbage libraries so companies could create good software for Linux.

#4 Linux is for professional dorks only

Due to #3 anyone who wants to actually use Linux desktop must be a professional time waster. A person that truly enjoys spending countless hours digging and googling and trying to get the most mundane shit working. For people who work or have a life that shit is a complete waste of time. Take that shit back to the 90’s. These days users should be able to point, click and install. No fucking googling. NO fucking installing x, y and z. No fucking around, just point and click.

#5 The terminal

Sure more things are installable these days by pointing and clicking, but a large number of things will still require that you open a fucking terminal and type bullshit cryptic ass garbage. Shit that is so cryptic you will never remember it.

And what happens when your POS freezes and you try to get help??? What do you think a professional 19 year old dork with no real world experience will tell you?????????? “Open the terminal and type xxydry” Sure mother fucker now how do I get the terminal open on a fully frozen computer???? Or they will say ” IT works on mine” Get the fuck out your dipshit 19 year old idiot.

Why do I use Linux desktop then?

Programming. Windows sucks major ass for programming. Windows makes every last thing about programming 100 times harder. Installing libraries is a real pain in the ass. Almost all guides and tutorials will give you the Linux commands to do something, but not how to do it on windows. Most software you create will run on a Linux server. Why? Windows charges an arm and 3 legs for bullshit licenses to run any software written that must run on Windows servers. Windows servers suck hairy asshole and very few people use them.

So for programming and web development Linux desktop is the best. I expect to use the terminal a lot while programming. I expect to do lots of research and troubleshooting while programming. I do not expect to have to use the terminal and spend hours fucking off just to get my printer working though.






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