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    Why you shouldn’t use inline styling in production React apps Why you should use refs sparingly in production Do React Hooks Replace Redux? Videos Learn REACT JS in just 5 MINUTES (2020) JavaScript for React Developers | Mosh

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    Why use redux, reasons with clear examples Logrocket it helps you find bugs in your redux apps What Is Redux: A Designer’s Guide Do you need redux with react hooks? Videos What is Redux?

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    Articles Session based authentication in Go

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    Resources for web development with Scala Scala tags. This library is for creating HTML from Scala. Thanks lihaoyi ScalaCSS a library for creating CSS from Scala

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    Media queries you should know about Browser support for Javascript API’s – This is a very useful table to see what is supported at the moment Link to ecmascript feature tables to look up what you can use in Javascript in current browsers. Transaction patterns for web applications – interesting article with good information. Must-Have…