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  • Why ubuntu snap SUCKSSSSS

    Why ubuntu snap SUCKSSSSS

    Ubuntu snap seems like a good idea. You search point and click install and it works right… So what could be the problem. Oh there is ONE GIANT, HUGE GIANT PROBLEM. EVERYTHING IS OUTDATED. Since 90% +- of all of the software you can install with snap is outdated or doesn’t work, or doesn’t work […]

  • Ubuntu 20 slow and freezes often

    I’ve used Ubuntu since version 8 or about 2009/2010ish. It used to be super fast. You used to be able to run it on ANYTHING. It was easy to use. I can’t take the damn slowness these days. Update. Apparently Gnome is the culprit plus some other useless crap. Some say Kubuntu is faster. I […]

  • How to install and configure Golang development environment on Ubuntu Linux

    I am still working on this article as all information I’ve found about how to set PATH system wide in Ubuntu is totally wrong. I’ve yet to find a way to set Go in the PATH system wide on Ubuntu. The info in Golang Docs is even wrong for Ubuntu. This article will be updated […]

  • Linux commands resources and links

    Linux commands cheat sheet – nice, useful list of Linux commands and examples of how to use them. Difference between Ubuntu apt-get autoclean, clean, autoremove commands – it is important to know the difference. Cleaning up with apt-get – how to clean up with apt clean command How To Upgrade Ubuntu Using Command Line? Linux […]

  • Links and resources about installing php and extensions

    It took quite a bit of searching to find something that accurately describes how to currently install php and it’s extensions on Linux. How to install php on ubuntu Another good link on installing php 7.4 on ubuntu Enable php modules/extensions on ubuntu