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  • Symfony how to list environmental variables

    You can use this command to see what environmental variables Symfony can see. php bin/console debug:dotenv If it is not in that list, symfony cannot see it. I just updated to version 5.4 and they have changed something because now all of my environmental variables are not seen. So now I must do research and […]

  • Symfony framework links with descriptions

    I have this problem where I remember like 75% of what I read, but can’t remember where when I want to review information to make sure I remember things correctly. I prefer to look things up rather than screw them up based on memory, because I would screw things up at least 25% of the […]

  • Symfony encore webpack compiling scss

    I couldn’t remember where the hell in the documentation I saw this. This is how you tell yarn to run encore and compile everything. Down below the section Configuring Encore/webpack