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  • Linux bash scripting command substitution aka $(command)

    Linux bash scripting command substitution aka $(command)

    Linux has this syntax that looks like so: $(command) This is called command substitution. This allows you to get information about the execution of the command instead of having it it directed to STDOUT aka the terminal screen as usual. That is very useful actually because you can run a command and store the output […]

  • Debian Ubuntu Linux debconf resources and information

    The debconf programmers tutorial – excellent tutorial on what debconf is and how to use it. debconf documentation Using debconf to configure a system – article about using debconf, gives a little more explanation of what it is. Installing MySQL with debconf – good article

  • Linux xclip command makes command line life easier

    I discovered a new tool today while adding my ssh keys to Github, something called xclip. The xclip command makes it easy to capture output to the clipboard so you can paste it to another location like into a browser or word file etc. The github docs above have you use it to copy your […]

  • How to install and configure Golang development environment on Ubuntu Linux

    I am still working on this article as all information I’ve found about how to set PATH system wide in Ubuntu is totally wrong. I’ve yet to find a way to set Go in the PATH system wide on Ubuntu. The info in Golang Docs is even wrong for Ubuntu. This article will be updated […]

  • Linux how to copy files from one directory to another without copying the directory name

    This is for later when I forget how to do this. Basically I wanted to know how to move files from one directory into another recursively without the cp command also copying the directory name. Basically if you use cp -r /directory then the contents of the directory and all within are copied, but this […]

  • How to permanently set Linux environmental variablees

    This is a giant subject. I’ll continue updating this article as I find and understand more about how Linux does all of this. Most articles show how to set them in the terminal, then when you close the terminal and try to use a variable it doesn’t exist leaving you confused. Well those posts are […]

  • How to install Nodejs npm nvm without sudo on linux

    For a few days I have been wrestling with nvm, nodejs, php composer etc. trying to figure out why the hell I keep getting permission issues. I followed the instructions and installed them without being the root user… or so I thought.  I completely failed to understand what was going on with permissions. I tried […]

  • BASH shell scripting links and resources

    Bash scripting manual 5.1 Advanced Bash scripting guide Bash script cheat sheet Bash Scripting: Everything you need to know about Bash-shell programming Respond to prompt in Bash Script – a tutorial on how to respond to prompts in Bash scripts. How To Write a Bash Script That Answers Interactive Prompts  MySQL: Run Query from Bash […]