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  • What does prototypical Javascript look like?

    What does prototypical Javascript look like?

    Way back before modern times, like 10 years ago. Javascript had a much funkier way of defining objects. It was called prototypical inheritance. This is still how Javascript works, the classes, modules etc. were all recent additions to the language to make it easier to work with. It is not a very fun way to […]

  • How to install and update NVM node version manager on Ubuntu

    New to node and need to install npm, node.js? Use NVM node version manager so you can install more than one version of nodejs. I had to look for the answer to this until I found it. You update to a newer version of NVM node version manager the same way you install it regardless […]

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    Articles Getting started with nodejs, nvm, npm Videos How to Install Node Version Manager on Ubuntu

  • Webpack resources, links and videos

    Frontend development has become a challenge. These days we need all kinds of tools. Instead of having one large Javascript file or one large CSS file, you need to develop modularly and therefore you need to break up your files into many smaller files. This leads to all kinds of issues, especially with javascript since […]

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    Why you shouldn’t use inline styling in production React apps Why you should use refs sparingly in production Do React Hooks Replace Redux? Videos Learn REACT JS in just 5 MINUTES (2020) JavaScript for React Developers | Mosh

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    Why use redux, reasons with clear examples Logrocket it helps you find bugs in your redux apps What Is Redux: A Designer’s Guide Do you need redux with react hooks? Videos What is Redux?

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    javascriptweekly – keep up to date on the latest javascript news How to deal with dirty side effects in your pure functional JavaScript async/await is just the do-notation of the Promise monad Do we really need classes in JavaScript after all? The cost of javascript. Javascript is often misused and abused or poor practices are […]

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    Media queries you should know about Browser support for Javascript API’s – This is a very useful table to see what is supported at the moment Link to ecmascript feature tables to look up what you can use in Javascript in current browsers. Transaction patterns for web applications – interesting article with good information. Must-Have […]