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  • How to fix Github git keeps asking for password with ssh keys

    How to fix Github git keeps asking for password with ssh keys

    This was a super annoying issue I have had for years. I never looked into it because I was lazy. I setup my ssh keys like you probably did and I kept getting prompted for my password. I kept entering it for years because the github docs are not that great and fail to mention […]

  • How to push an existing project to a Github repository

    While trying to figure out how to do this I found lots of bad info, info that lead to nothing but issues and bugs. I have stay so busy and do so many things I can never remember how to do anything. That is basically why this ENTIRE blog exists, my shit memory. I found […]

  • GIT how to check user settings

    With git you can configure global or per repository settings. Global means any repository on your computer that you want to use will use these settings unless you specify specific settings per repository. The settings I am speaking of are your username, email and remote origin etc.  This article at this link covers the basics […]

  • GIT resources and links

    Articles Semantic versioning with Git tags  .gitignore file what is it, where to put it etc. Git documentation Git configuration documentation Videos Introduction to Git – Core Concepts referenced in video – Pro Git  Visual Git Reference by Mark Lodato Introduction to Git – Branching and Merging Introduction to Git – Remotes