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  • Server Environmental variables resources and info

    About environmental variables – an introduction to environmental variables and how they work on the server.

  • How to permanently set Linux environmental variablees

    This is a giant subject. I’ll continue updating this article as I find and understand more about how Linux does all of this. Most articles show how to set them in the terminal, then when you close the terminal and try to use a variable it doesn’t exist leaving you confused. Well those posts are […]

  • Symfony how to list environmental variables

    You can use this command to see what environmental variables Symfony can see. php bin/console debug:dotenv If it is not in that list, symfony cannot see it. I just updated to version 5.4 and they have changed something because now all of my environmental variables are not seen. So now I must do research and […]

  • BASH shell scripting links and resources

    Bash scripting manual 5.1 Advanced Bash scripting guide Bash script cheat sheet Bash Scripting: Everything you need to know about Bash-shell programming Respond to prompt in Bash Script – a tutorial on how to respond to prompts in Bash scripts. How To Write a Bash Script That Answers Interactive PromptsĀ  MySQL: Run Query from Bash […]