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  • Symfony doctrine remove column from entity table

    As a newcomer to Doctrine I had to google and dig to figure this out. Explanation here. Symfony DoctrineMigrationsBundle documentation here. Doctrine, doctrine migrations documentation here. Basically if you want to remove a column from a table when using Doctrine and Symfony Entities all you do is remove the variable and the matching getter/setter methods […]

  • Random Links about Databases

    Why Uber dropped PostgreSQL – interesting article if you are thinking about using PostgreSQL https://db-engines.com/en/ranking – a really cool website that lists database engines by popularity check it out. Cassandra Use Cases: When To Use And When Not To Use Cassandra – really good article about when to use and not use Cassandra Db 7 […]

  • Scala database access driver client links and resources.

    Resources and links about accessing a database in Scala. An async postgre mysql db access client 

  • Scala Play Framework Slick resources and links

    Below is a list of resources, links, videos etc. a Play Framework and Slick example updated – very helpful article

  • HikariCP connection pooling software resources and links

    HikariCP is a connection pool software that maintains connection pool resources so your code use them to access databases. This can be used in place of Akka and Scala execution context for database connections. This helps keep your main application code from being blocked while it does a database query to either store or retrieve […]

  • Interesting blog about databases

    I found this link somehow. This guy has all kinds of interesting information about databases, programming and technology in general . https://aphyr.com/tags/jepsen

  • Links about using MySQL as a NoSQL database

    I got interested in using the JSON field of MySQL so I did some googling turns out I am not the only one. Some things have changed over the years since MySQL introduced the JSON field. MySQL is a Great NoSQL Datastore Scaling to 100M: MySQL is a Better NoSQL Using MySQL as a document […]

  • Lagom notes and facts

    This is just a list of notes and facts I have gathered about Lagom. I’m the kind of person that asks 1 million questions and likes to know why things are done. Why does Lagom use Cassandra as an event store system? Lagom uses Cassandra as it’s event store. I wanted to know why they […]