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  • How to wire 2.42 I2C oled screen to Wemos D1 mini

    In this article I will cover how to wire up a generic 2.42 inch I2C OLED Screen to a D1 mini. It isn’t super hard, however there isn’t much info on this on the internet so I figured I would write this article. First off I will be using the u8g2 library, it works great […]

  • Microprocessor resources and links

    This page is dedicated to Arduino Alternative MicroControllers. These are similar to Arduino but more powerful or add some special feature. Wemos D1 Mini + 0.96 Inch SSD1306 OLED Display Using SPI – cool article STM32 Arduino Tutorial – How to use the STM32F103C8T6 board with the Arduino IDE Blue-pill STM32 Programming Using ST-LINK V2 […]