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  • Symfony caching resource list and information

    Once I started digging into Symfony caching I found all kinds of information all over. I’ll use this page to catalog it all for myself and others. This way I can quickly find what I am looking for. Cache – From the docs. This is the overall plain documentation about Symfony cache. It covers the […]

  • How to install and configure Redis in Symfony 5+ for local testing

    Installing and configuring Redis for Symfony takes quite a few steps. So many I’d never remember them all. This article is for myself at a later date as well as anyone else who finds it useful(LOL this is the most popular article on this site getting hundreds of views a week). I’ll be updating this […]

  • Symfony 5 how to clear the cache

    I can never ever remember where I see anything ever I read entirely too much about entirely too many subjects. I mostly use this site as my own personal google. To clear all caches php bin/console cache:pool:clear cache.global_clearer Symfony docs link to more info.