Domain Driven Design Resources

Domain Driven Design Learning Resources

Domain Driven Design and it’s related concepts can take some time to understand. Below are links to articles, books and videos I have found helpful.


Here is a free guide to Domain Driven Design written by microsoft.   This guide covers CQRS and Event Sourcing complete with an app that can be downloaded and inspected while reading the guide. This covers bounded contexts and suggestions for finding them and much more. This is an excellent free source.

Using Aggregates and Factories in Domain Driven Design.

Aggregates & Entities in Domain-Driven Design

A little more information about aggregates

Effective aggregate design part 3 vaughn vernon

Effective aggregate design series vaughn vernon.
An introduction to event storming: The easy way to achieve domain-driven design
Modelling Reactive Systems with Event Storming and Domain-Driven Design

Domain driven design isn’t always the best design choice for all systems. This article details the many reasons why.
Why I don’t do Domain Driven Design. 

Tactical domain driven design. More information on domain driven design.

Domain Driven Design Reference Definition and Pattern Summaries.

Domain Driven Design Quickly – a free eBook summing up DDD the Eric Evans book.


Domain Driven Design the good parts Jimmy Bogard

Eric Evans — Domain Driven Design Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software

The Art of Discovering Bounded Contexts by Nick Tune

Finding your domains bounded contexts is an iterative process. In this video Nick covers some of the ideas behind this iterative process of mapping out your domains bounded contexts.

Domain-Driven Design: Hidden Lessons from the Big Blue Book – Nick Tune

Nick tune is funny. This is a really good talk about DDD Domain driven Design.


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