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Scala Option resources, links and info

When programming in Scala you will see Option used everywhere. What is Option? Basically Option is Scala’s version of Null. However using Option/Some/None is a way of handling errors it doesn’t tell you what went wrong. In order to know what went wrong you must use exception handling.

Option/Some/None is most useful when you have a function that needs to check for a value and tell you if it exists or not. It can’t tell you for example that something didn’t exist because an error occurred. This must be taken into consideration when programming.

Scala Option API documentation link – this is the actual API documentation showing all methods etc.

Tutorialspoint Scala Options – a great introduction to Scala Option
Using the Scala Option, Some, and None idiom (instead of Java null)

Using the Scala Option, Some, and None idiom (instead of Java null) – nice coverage of Option, Some, None syntax and how to use it and how it functions.

Scala best practice: How to use the Option/Some/None pattern – more coverage of Options in Scala

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