Scala Best Practices

Scala allows so much freedom that you must absolutely use some best practices. This page contains links to best practices that I have found useful. Many of these are repetitive some are not. Some do better at explaining some concepts than others. This is why I like multiple references to the same subject for cross referencing. There are lots of things to avoid in Scala for many reasons. Scala is one of those languages you should know well before using it to build something Enterprise. Following these best practices can help you as you along your way. Because if you are like me you don’t care to get to really know Scala first. LOL

Scala Best Practices – A good place to start.

Even more best practices from Alexandru on github

Here is some good information about picking good names for classes/functions etc and clean coding.

This short article about Scala best practices has some redundant information as above, but it also has some unique information and insights.

This isn’t really an article it is a page with a list of articles related to some best practices.

Here is a decent pdf from Brown university about some Scala best practices.






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