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Javascript eco system sucks so bad we have to have tools on top of tools on top of tools to even be able to write any functioning code. The chaos of Javascript makes it my least favorite and most hated language. Once you use almost any other language, using Javascript is about as fun as jabbing a fork in your eyeballs.


Why it’s finally time for developers to address the chaos of Node.js and NPM – I am not alone in my observance of the chaos of Javascript
A Beginner’s Guide to npm, the Node Package Manager – good intro article
Installing Multiple Versions of Node.js Using nvm

NVM – node version manager home

NPM scoped packages – more info on naming packages like @mycompany/mypackage

NPM package.json explained – everything you need to know about npm package.json

NPM configuration – everything you could ever know about configuring NPM

How to Publish NPM Packages

How to publish packages to npm (the way the industry does things) 

Understanding NPM Versioning With Git Tags 

Bumping a node npm project version  – NPM documentation about version numbering



NPM crash course

@32:00 mark he talks about global modules and installing nodemon

@34:30 mark he mentions live-server for running your directory code in a server very handy

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