How to easily add a desktop icon in ubuntu 18

They decided to make adding a desktop launch Icon even harder in Ubuntu 18, because you know we all love wasting our time googling all day trying to figure stuff out. It’s a repeating theme in the Linux community for decades now. Making things harder makes you feel smarter.

If you can avoid the UI and go for the command line, then go for it right. We all love typing in 120+ characters into the terminal, looking closely squinting, comparing character to character. It makes us feel smart like pretend hackers in movies right!!!

Why would anyone want to work efficiently anyways? Surely memorizing 1,000 linux commands and how the entire system works makes you feel smarter right? No? Me neither. My time is precious to me and maybe yours is to you too.

Here is a video that shows how to create desktop launch Icons. It still works in Ubuntu 18. Everything else you find suggests locating a file and typing a whole lot of lines of code.  And since it is so obscure  I will never remember it,  I am creating this post so  I can find it again later.







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