Why ubuntu snap SUCKSSSSS

Ubuntu snap seems like a good idea. You search point and click install and it works right… So what could be the problem. Oh there is ONE GIANT, HUGE GIANT PROBLEM.


Since 90% +- of all of the software you can install with snap is outdated or doesn’t work, or doesn’t work properly, this leaves you basically 2 options if you need a newer version, and as a programmer you will ALWAYS NEED THE NEWER VERSION. Download the REM and manually install it or use apt to add some obscure repo and then bang away on the keyboard.

Both suck because it requires the terminal. I am a programmer I type all day. I have 14 years of experience with Linux. I seriously hate the TERMINAL. There is no faster way to scerw up your Linux than with the terminal. Don’t believe me erase your www directory by opening your terminal and typing rm -r / www <- note the space between / and www that is very important for this Linux feature to work.

WARNING DON’T DO IT. Note the space between / and www. That is how fucking easy it is to delete your entire fucking linux installation. The rm -r command with just a slash will delete your system, but adding the space, it doesn’t see the www part and just goes for the /. All you have to do to destroy your computer is accidentally insert a space in the wrong place.

And to be honest it is fucking 2022, why has Ubuntu not caught up to the point where you can properly use a gui to point, click and install the latest shit? Why is most shit stuck to the terminal? Only goofy dipshits like the terminal! It makes them feel smarter than they truly are.

Typing cryptic commands into the Terminal makes stupid people feel smart

So if you want the latest version of what ever it is you are using or at least one that is not 4 years old, then the best way is to download the file. Then move the file. Then unzip the file. Then run more damn commands to install the file. Then run more fucking commands to configure the POS.

But it probably won’t work because the article you follow( or documentation) will leave important shit out or miss part of a command etc. Then you have to google and read and dig and try and fail and before you know it you have 2 or 3 different versions of the BS installed and none work or interfere with each other.

So eventually you do get something installed. BUUUTTTT now you must manually keep it maintained. That usually requires hunting down and deleting certain files WITH THE TERMINAL AGAIN, all while hoping you don’t type shit wrong and screw everything all up.

But it gets even worse

Now what could possibly make shit worse??? How about now your Snap updates don’t work properly.

I went through this installing a few programs. Some are installed with snap, some are installed with apt, and yet some are installed by .deb packages. Some were installed with 2 of the 3, as in duplicates. And some of those, only one version actually works. I have lots of issues with snap packages not working properly.

Recently Snap starts telling me that version 22 of ubuntu is ready and I excitedly clicked the upgrade option, thinking it would handle it for me.

borat not meme

Now when I click upgrade it pops up another screen telling me that software x can’t be updated/upgraded that I must find and remove software x before I can upgrade ubuntu.

That means more hours of wasted time googling and digging and trying to find out how the hell I installed program x, where the hell it is and how the hell to remove the son of bitch bastard.

Then I can repeat the same time wasting bullshit to reinstall that same software, and configure it, and get it working again. All while hoping that I don’t lose the related files that the software relies on ( eg. mysql stores your tables in files).

I don’t know how snap works in particular. But Snap would be 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better if the software was up to date, and actually worked, and you didn’t have to do some special shit… and it didn’t slow down your computer.

I don’t understand why the Linux community suffers so badly with concepts like easy installation without a terminal. Microsoft figured that shit out decades ago. Does it make super geeks feel like super geniuses by memorizing tons of esoteric useless shit???

It can’t auto update shit

Don’t you love the warning popups that tell you that your programX has 12 more days to be upgraded or some BS happens. Each time I have to google how the fuck to fix it. You basically have to close the program. THEN FIRE UP A DAMN TERMINAL BECAUSE UBUNTU ONLY UNDERSTANDS TERMINALS. After you open the terminal you have to issue some special damned commands to actually force snap to update.

Ubuntu SNAP is special.

How is any of this helpful to anyone and what decade will Ubuntu make a working, simple way to install software?????????? Will they get it right by 2030? Or will it be more like 2080??

I just get so tired of such BS.

jackie chan WTF meme
You’re making me lose my mind!!!

Lets get slow and crashy

I have been wondering since installing Ubuntu 20 why the hell my computer kept getting slower and slower and taking 10 forevers to start. I have never had some many issues with my computer totally freezing and locking up 100% to the point I have to unplug it to get it to restart. Now I know it is SNAP bullshit thanks to this reddit post. I am talking like 4 to 5 minute restarts…

This super long start/restart shit combined with each app taking minutes to open really pisses me off. When I have to restart or start the computer, I just walk away while it scews around and fondles itself slowly to life. And the cherry on the turd cake is that after starting or restarting… programs are super slow to start. Hell even after hours of being on programs are slow to start. So I click open apps and wait up to a minute for them to start, hell firefox is maybe 2+ minutes sometimes. That is all caused by SNAP as the above link will show.

I need to bite the bullet and take a full day and format my hard drive and install Ubuntu 22 and remove the SNAP BS, then install everything I want with apt. Which is a MEGA pain in the ass because I program in so many languages and use so much software that it will take me days to hunt down everything and back it up then reinstall all the shit and add my files back. I don’t have time for that, I program too much.






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