Why I hate Python so much!!!

Python is all the rage these days for young hipster programmers. Somehow all of these companies have been fooled into using this HORRIBLE language for EVERYTHING. At this point Python is being ABUSED. Python is a cancer for software development.

Python was never meant to do all of the things everyone is trying to force it to do. Python was great for quickly testing mathematical ideas and AI to name a few places it shines. But Pythonians couldn’t stop there. OH HELL NO. Php programmers realized PHP’s limits and realized it was not good for building everything. Hell it would have been easier to build most of the stuff people use Python for with PHP.

The biggest issue with using PHP to build EVERYTHING is PHP needs it’s own interpreter. That means anyone who wanted to use your PHP program would need a PHP interpreter installed at minimum. You may also need to install a web server and configure it to work with PHP, I’m sure easier alternatives exist. For example you can just install WAMP or LAMP and boom your program works for the user. PHP is also faster than Python. Modern PHP 8+ is really fast, especially with php opcache enabled which caches the PHP code.

That is still 1000 times easier for the end user than dealing with Python and it’s dependency hell and backwards incompatibilities. With Python you have to install an EXACT version for each program, which means if you are using multiple things written in Python you need each version installed. PAIN IN THE ASS to say the least. OH BUT THE FUN DOESN’T STOP THERE WITH PYTHON.

Oh the fun doesn’t stop with just installing the needed version of Python. Python has this feature called pip which lets you interact with python on the command line to install Python packages. That sounds great until you realize that you need a pip command for each and every single last version of Python you have installed. But each one needs an Alias because they can’t all be called pip. So you end up with pip1, pip2, pip3… pip12 or pip2.5, pip3, pip3.2 … etc etc.

But the fun doesn’t even stop there with multiple Pythons. Now each and every piece of software you use will be a different version of python. This means when you have an issue, error etc. and you google how to fix it, you will find articles telling you how to fix it that do not work. Why don’t they work???? Well because your program uses version 3.1 and the article was about version 2.7… but the author never mentions that, so you get more errors and issues, which requires more googling. Want a great example???? Check out Printrun, they are so proud it is written in Python3.

Eventually, the end user will give up after trying to install all the Python bullshit and none of it working. After following all the steps to install pronterface on Linux Mint 21, I just gave up. Nothing I did would get it working. I could see the icon, click it and NOTHING HAPPENS. YAY So after I wasted a lot of time installing all the python bullshit and trying everything the install instructions listed, I still didn’t have a working piece of software. That is pretty much my experience with everything written in Python.

more errors meme
And.. Errors

Python should not be used to create serious software, it is not capable of creating quality software. You won’t find anything written in python that you can just click and install. It will always be a fucking circus of install x, then u, then p and then try this and try that and try more shit. PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP IT PYTHON FANBOYS.

PHP could easily be used to create desktop apps, even without a server installed. But PHP programmers are smart, they realized the limits of PHP and decided that PHP was only good for web development. Therefore no one has to deal with PHP desktop apps. Python is a shitty scripted programming language like PHP, but without the backwards compatibility PHP has. I have PHP version 5.2 code from 12 years ago that still runs to this day on PHP version 8.1. NO MODIFICATIONS etc. But with python, oh hell no backwards compatibility is unheard of. That is what makes Python suck the most.

It seems like Python programmers know nothing about computers or hardware… how computers even work. Python is very inefficient, it uses gobs of memory and heaps of CPU, it is just a pig of a language. These silly fools are now trying to put Python on Microcontrollers with something called “micropython” FFS Why the fuck not just learn Arduino language or C/C++??? WTF??? You fools make no sense at all. Arduino programming language is super easy and made specifically for small microcontrollers with limited resources.

It seems most Pythonians know no other language other than python and have zero ability to learn anything other than python. They are like the toothless redneck that marries the first massively obese whale he pokes. That redneck swears she is the most beautiful woman on earth. Pythonians swear their language is the best on earth. The rest of us who have used many languages look at them and think Wow what a group of idiots.

It is really easy to spot people who have only used one language, they try to do everything with that one language. They think their first and only language is the best language in the world. They spread their shitty language like an STD to everyone they can. Python is the STD of the programming world. It is a horrible, horrible language that causes me much anger when I encounter it, because I know I am in for a world of hurt trying to get whatever it is… working. Python is like a bent screwdriver with a ruined tip. But if all you know how to use is a bent screwdriver with a ruined tip, then you think about solving all the problems with that bent screwdriver. Imagine the day you discover there is a whole toolbox of tools you can use.

mind blown

Here is a deeper article fully explaining why python sucks ass.



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