Why Amazon search sucks and how it can be fixed

A while back Amazon search used to work really well. But now it sucks. Why? Well a video is worth more than 1,000,000 words.

First off note the difference in result count, 658 vs 3000  when I choose to sort by price low to high. It seems like 3000 is a hard coded random number not an actual real result.

You will never ever be able to view 3,000 products, this search is FAKE.

Also notice once I switch to lowest to highest, all of the  sellers with their unrelated garbage pops up. So now you get page after page after page of non-relevant garbage results.

awesome sauce meme
Isn’t this just awesome

So if you don’t filter you get pages of randomly priced items. That is never helpful to me on any site EVER. That pretends like the price doesn’t matter. How can anyone find what they are looking for if they don’t compare prices? As prices go up, objects often get more features. Plus what kind of sense does it make to have $38 next to or after $299 or vice versa?

And WTF is with letting all the unrelated items that have nothing to do with dehumidifiers? Do you really think I am looking for shirts and plugs and random crap when I type “dehumidifier”?

amazon search meme
Amazons search algorithm is all like

And don’t you just love how it stops at page 7? THAT IS 100% TOTALLY AWESOME PROGRAMMING THERE AMAZON. So now you get less results than if you didn’t filter, and the results you get are 100% UTTER SHIT. Hell even if you don’t choose any of the filters, you get 7 pages of results. THAT IS IT. WTF? WOW REALLY GUYS?

Searching on Amazon is fun
How to fix this

I have no idea how Amazon is designed. It is probably a technological mess of one piece added onto another in a patch quilt type manner. Their programmers are not that great. Any developer that tries AWS services will tell you working with that mess is a nightmare. You get moronic error messages and much more. High school kids could do better at this point.

It would be nice though if they could get these features working, since they have no real competition. I mean more than 7 pages of search results would be nice. Why show 3k search results but only allow pagination of 7 pages for a total of less than 400 products?

Makes sense right?


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