What the world was like before Corporate greed set in

What were the good ole days like?

I am not super old, just 42 years old. But yet I am old enough to remember the good ole days. The days when Employers paid better. The days when employers cared about the product they produced or service they provided. The days when employers didn’t have a hard time finding employees because they were not so damn insanely greedy.

Why does CEO pay increase but not the workers?

Can you believe that back in the day( like before the year 2000), that companies would seek out people with an interest in their field that they could train? They would look for people that had an aptitude or interest in their given field and they would hire that person. I remember as a kid they would come around to high schools and interview Seniors and many got jobs before graduating and the companies would pay for their college.

Can you believe they would even pay to move that person? Want your mind blown further????? They even used pay for your training, certifications and college and give you a book stipend and much more. I have a friend who is a CPA, he earned his CPA that very way. He signed a contract to promise to work for 2 years after getting the CPA or he had to pay them back. He stayed for the 2 years.
They used to offer medical and dental coverage…. And to further blow your mind, did you know they used to offer pensions and retirement plans???? Not just the kind where you put into. No, like they used to fully fund those things and you could add to it too if you wanted, but it was an option!!!

Todays employers are much different than they used to be.

These were the days of our parents and grandparents. The days where you worked for a company your entire life, instead of job hopping. The days when companies cared at least a tiny bit about their employees. Hell the days when a company was around more than 4 to 6 years. The days before UBER GREEED.

Employers now encourage Job hopping

These greedy companies decided they could save more money to pay the precious investors by stealing trained employees from their competitors. This in turn leads to job hopping as companies offer more and more to steal the employee.

So they switched up the paradigm. Now instead of finding good people and training them, they use recruiters to steal them from other companies. But they claim they don’t want to hire job hoppers?

The deal gets more sour

Now we as potential employees are expected to go into deep debt getting an education so that some rich CEO and investors can get their pockets padded more?
So now we get paid less(due to inflation) and we have to pay for our education too? And jobs and companies are totally not stable anymore. To make it worse we are expected to work long hours and sometimes weekends. What a wonderful deal.

If you do the math you might not be making much more than minimum wage with that expensive degree. I’ll write another article about declining college attendance. Maybe another about the lie flat movement happening now due to this realization too.

The great resignation

We employees have finally in mass received the message loud and clear from you employers. “YOU ARE VALUELESS AND REPLACEABLE, LOOK HOW RICH AND IMPORTANT I AM

It just took the Covid 19 shutdowns for people to finally realize just how sour of a deal they were getting.

Covid awakened the sleepy employees while they were laid off at home.

Many started their own small businesses or started freelancing or trading stocks or crypto currencies. Suddenly people realized that we were being used and abused and that the money was not worth it.

We realized that maybe we can work less hours and make about the same amount of money or maybe more. Which in turn gives us more time for our family life, hobbies and living in general.

Money is only one part of the story. The way employers have been treating employees has declined since globalism and recruiting started. Back in the good ole days companies wanted to hang on to their valuable trained employees so they treated them like HUMANS. Imagine that???? Being treated like a human by your employer.

Now they treat you like a paycheck, and when that check grows too big they replace you in a heart beat. Yet you are still supposed to be loyal to the company? GTFO with that is what many of us are finally saying to the GREED MONGERERS.

The great resignation

Gone are the days of employers paying employees what they are worth. Gone are the days of employers paying to train their new employees. Gone are the days an employer will help move an employee. Gone are the days of retirement plans. Gone are the days of being treated like a human by your employer.

Now employers expect you to live in the city their home office is in or you get to pay to move. Now employers don’t offer pay increases. Now employers don’t offer retirement plans. Now employers don’t pay for college.  Now employers expect you to work more than 40 hours a week and say it is part of the salary.

Maybe now you understand why employers whine and cry they can’t find any employees.

The application process sucks

How many of you have gone through the application process lately? I’ve read many similar horror stories of people sending out their resume 300 times to get like 30 interviews, 3 job offers and 1 job. I’ve read about people having to do 6 to 10 interviews with the same company. People having to do side projects to prove their abilities etc. etc.

All in a time when employers are whining and crying and bitching and moaning that they can’t find anyone?????? REALLY???WTF?

are you kidding me
Today’s employers are cheap and picky too. WTF?

If employers want good employees again, then employers are going to have to change.

US corporations are the absolute worst on the planet too. This is why no one wants to work for them anymore if they can find a way around it. There is literally a term for it “turn and burn” where they suck the life out of their employees then replace them. The TECH/STEM industry is the most horrible about this. So bad they even make you retrain your foreign h1b replacements.


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