The tech industry is full of IDIOTS!!!

A BIG Rant

After programming/web development for almost 18 years. I’ve seen lots of things and ran across many types of people. I can tell you the industry is full of idiots. Not regular idiots either. The kind of idiots that feel the urge to put on a show to pretend they are more intelligent than they really are.

These sort of people like to write overly complex often cryptic looking code to try to show off how smart they are. They also tend to write books and articles that are so overly worded that you can hardly follow along with WTF they are even talking about.

Reading word salad like…

Some idiots learn 1 language and try to use it to do everything. They are major fanboys and will attack like pitbulls if you dare hint that their precious language is fugly in any way.

That is like using a screw driver to fix everything, it just doesn’t work out, even if it is a multi-tip assortment screw driver. There is a reason so many languages exist, each was meant to solve a particular problem at one point in time. Using one language for everything is stupid.

There are idiots who create API’s and software that are bloated as fuckall and hard to use, crash often, eat gobs of resources and so much more.

borat nice meme
Very nice!!!

The tech industry is full of people that can create an entire framework or library but can’t explain how to use it to save their life. Idiot savants… LOL

There are even idiots who like to exclusively use VIM or NANO to program as it makes them feel like geniuses to memorize tons of bullshit commands instead of using a decent modern IDE that does it all for them. I’m not talking about using vim or nano because you are already in the terminal. Many times a terminal is all you have when you SSH into a server to make changes, vim and nano are the only options. I mean those who boast about only using Nano or vim, you know, you’ll see them on reddit or twitter or other places.

Typing cryptic commands into the Terminal makes stupid people feel smart

These sort of people think that memorizing all of the quick key commands makes them more intelligent than they truly are or something. I think it is from old movies showing hackers or programmers beating on keyboards.

What is really annoying is how so many people in the Tech industry are hipsters who follow trends instead of evaluating languages, libraries, frameworks and making a critical decisions based on facts and information. I think much of it has to do with attracting people who are only in the field for money, who have no real interest in the subjects in the first place. Time has proven over and again that some of the best in any industry are the ones who do it for a hobby.

Some of these sort of people suffer from dunning kruger. Most suffer from inferiority complexes.

And it isn’t getting any better any time soon. In fact it seems to be getting worse. Tech seems to attract people like a magnet who suffer from inferiority complexes, which is why they try to overcompensate to look smart in their own mind.

Truly intelligent people don’t give 1 single fuck about showing off how intelligent they are. Why? Because they are truly intelligent and have lived a life of ostracization and constant attacks. They know that showing they are intelligent will do nothing but make them a target for hatred. Many truly intelligent people actually try to not act intelligent so that people won’t judge them so negatively.

Interesting fact.
Swearing Is Actually a Sign of More Intelligence – Not Less – Say Scientists

So fuck stupid people that put on an act.






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