How to install git-lfs to push large files to github

So instead of running software on the github servers to do WTF ever github has to have done to large files, THEY FORCE YOU TO DO IT.

What is a large file?



Yesterday it was actually 100mb, today it is now 50mb. Soon it will be 1mb FFS. 


That isn’t the bad part though. NO!!! The bad part is the 100% FAIL GARBAGE USELESS  INSTALL INFORMATION I am sure you just encountered.

These GARBAGE DOCS tell you to run a command that JUST FAILS.

I can’t grasp this shit!!!

It tells you to download and simply run this command.

git lfs install

Which kindly BARFS out this useless shit message.

git: 'lfs' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

The most similar command is

Thanks that is so useful guys!!! You guys ROCK.

awesome sauce meme
Isn’t this just awesome

And this is an OLD ASS ISSUE FFS.


So how to get this Pile of barf working so you can push your repo?

Download and Unzip the file, then navigate into the folders until you find

simply type ./ and it will do its job. I have no idea why it tells you to run some BS command that doesn’t work.  The .sh indicates it is a shell script and to run a shell script you just type ./ and it does it’s thing for you.

Then you navigate to your local repo and type

git lfs track "*.psd"

Where you put the file mime type in quotes, the * is a wildcard for the file name.

Now make sure .gitattributes is tracked: WTF ever this does, since no one thought we should have a clue what this does?

git add .gitattributes

Still warnings

Even after you do this you will still get warning messages. Which makes ZERO SENSE.

Github, gets even more awesome now that Microsoft owns it
Github is shatting itself.


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