You can’t get worse service than AT&T.


AT&T the spam network

That could be another title for this article. This is the MOST GREEDY  OF THE MOST GREEDY POS COMPANIES ON EARTH.

Lets face it AT&T is the absolute worst cell carrier out there. Their coverage TOTALLY SUCKS ASS MAJORLY. I was down in Fort Myers Florida in the city and couldn’t get service. I get shit service where I live. Hell I can’t think of many places AT&T actually works.

That isn’t even the worst part. The worst part is I have to leave my phone on SILENT. WHY? WHY YOU ASK?¬† Because of constant spam texts and calls. This is a money making SCAM by AT&T and the government should stop it.

It shouldn’t be legal for a company to charge you over $100 a month for service and then say… Well you know if you don’t give us an extra $3.99 per month WE WILL OPEN THE FLOOD GATES TO HELL ON YOUR ASS AND SEND YOU 50 SHIT TEXT MESSAGES AND PHONE CALLS A DAY.

You can bet your ass AT&T when I get the money I will leave your shit sucking service in a split second. And I will continue to warn everyone I encounter about your shitty, spam filled money grabbing BS actions.

Your customers shouldn’t have to pay you extra just to not have YOU SEND SPAM YOU MORONS.

T-mobile offers spam blocking for FREE. IMAGINE THAT??? WOW NO SPAM FOR FREE!!!

See how many people you can lose AT&T you dishonest assholes

And isn’t this just fucking cute. They publish propaganda pieces like this telling people they are fighting the problem. GTFO You lieing fucking assholes. You expect people who pay for your shitty suck balls service to believe more of your bullshit lies? Sure you are helping stop spam to your customers WHO PAY YOU EXTRA FOR A FUCKING APP MORONIC ASSHOLES.


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