Would you the shittiest network coverage possible? Do you enjoy important dropped calls? Do you like a noisy background when you talk? Do you like missing lots of calls and text messages only to get bombarded once your POS phone actually finds a signal good enough to communicate with the network? Do you like saying “Can you hear me now?”

THEN YOU WOULD LOVE AT&T’s shitty network coverage. The locations where AT&T actually work are VERY ANEMIC. Their coverage sucks EVERYWHERE.

Out of all of the mobile carriers the world knows… AT&T has the absolute shittiest, worst coverage known to man. I would like to know where the hell they think their phones even work? Because they don’t work where I live, and they don’t work in even some big cities like Cape Coral Florida FFS.

I mean it is so bad it is like they are trying to be horrible.

STEER CLEAR OF AT&T. Shitty service, shitty coverage and tons of shitty spam. IT truly is the spam network.



By Robert jackson

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