Why are they doing this to us?

This is part of the dreams series. Eventually these will be turned into a series of novels about the world pre-apocalypse, during the apocalypse and after.

In this particular dream I find myself in the middle of a road, running… lots of people are running. There are explosions in the background. The location reminds me of Georgia where I live because the ground is orange clay.

This is the beginning of some sort of war either a civil or world war. I get the sense it is more of a civil war, it seems like the jets are US of some type. What ever it is, it is just starting. This is the very second we go from being a society, to being a scene from “The walking dead”.

In this part of this particular dream the chaos is just starting. As I am running I see this middle aged black woman dressed in some sort of work clothing, a nurse maybe? As I get closer to her, she screams “Why are they doing this to us?”

Right as I get a few feet away from her a massive explosion happens close to us, sending us and lots of other people flying. After I land, I look around and there are body parts and dying people everywhere.

Eventually I will write more about the dreams and turn them into novels… If I have time before it all happens. Lots of really bad things are about to happen. We get help from what we call “Aliens” though.






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