Dreams of an Akashic Seer

If you could see the future would you share it? Dreams of an Akashic Seer is a future novel series about a mad scientist who is warned about the future apocalypse and updates humans will undergo, through a long series of dreams influenced by intelligent life.

The novel series will be mind blowing SciFi tale of a tortured person who travels the Akashic records in their dreams and see the future and past of humanity.

These dream articles are not meant to be actual excerpts, but more or less examples of the material that will be turned into novels.

Where did the idea come from?

My dreams are how I came up with this idea. I have very realistic dreams. I often lucid dream in which I can control most aspects of my dreams. My dreams are so insanely realistic that I feel hot/cold, pain and even have emotions and analyze situations to solve problems. I fly, walk through walls, materialize objects and even have the ability to change my dream. I know I am dreaming and I can change things, it is pretty cool actually. My dreams are so realistic I remember many of the events the same as I remember real life events. The pain, the emotions, the weather, the scents all of it like real life. I get deja vu from smells in life that I smelled in my dreams for example, it makes the hair on my neck stand up.

I often feel something is trying to reveal things to me about the future or even the past. I feel this way when a dream or part of a dream repeats over and over, through the years. I used to read books on dream interpretation when I was younger trying to figure out these wild ass dreams. It often seems in my dreams that when I am viewing the Akashic record, I am in another persons body. I have died in many ways, drowning, getting shot, heart attack, explosion, burning and more.

I came up with the name Akashic Seer because the dreams won’t stop and some things I have seen in my dreams have come true in real life. For example, for many years I had a repeating dream about a huge hospital. One with restaurants, stores etc. It made zero sense for so many years. Then last year my grandmother came down with brain cancer. I was suddenly in a huge, huge hospital system with restaurants, stores, etc it was so damn big I got lost. I also had this dream a couple times that I found my step dad dead on the floor from a heart attack. Well I found him on the floor drunk with a broken nose and neck only feet away from where he was in my dream. Talk about freaky ass deja vu. I literally thought I was dreaming for a few seconds, nothing would levitate so…. it was real. LMFAO

Luke use the Force

I often try to teach other humans in my dreams how to access their magical abilities to levitate objects and perform the same tricks I can. In my dreams I learned to levitate objects by levitating a tiny piece of paper, this is how I try to teach others.
I think Star Wars had a major affect on my dreams. I even get this mental feeling in my dreams when I levitate objects. And like Yoda Says “Do or do not, there is no try” I have a fear of heights and for some reason in my dream I always end up high in a tree or top of a building and I just jump and believe I will fly. I jump and start to fall and I then make myself fly.

This section on dreams, the links below are individual teasers to the kinds of things the novels will contain. There will be at least three parts to the series. Before the Apocalypse. During the Apocalypse. After the Apocalypse. This is basically how my dreams flow.

Did I mention my dreams are often about the apocalypse? I often dream of floods, earthquakes, wars, civil unrest, terrorism and much more.  Then there are also the after apocalypse dreams and wow those are amazing. We encounter intelligent life right at the end of the Apocalypse, actually it has been here the whole time waiting. They help us rebuild in our new world after the floods. They help us develop technology to live and travel under water.

Lets investigate things

One of the cool things I plan on doing with these dream articles is investigating some technology, diseases etc. that could actually make it all real. I will investigate something called Prions, this is what creates the zombies in my dreams. I accidentally stumbled on those and it made the zombies in my dreams make sense, they are not like the zombie how movies, more like Alzheimer’s patients… and that is what prions do. Recently it has been found that people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s actually were infected with Prions. So I will probably dig into that in the zombie section. What if the earths poles switch? The suns did just recently 2012. This causes direct affects on the planet. I will dig into this. I want to know more because of the dreams.

Also one of the reasons I am building a social platform for small people is because I need a way to market this series. The platform is to help people get found, get their message out, promote their art, writings, games, websites etc. for free in a social and fun way. It is truly something different. Follow me on twitter until I launch for news and updates.

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