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  • It’s in my head it must be in yours. Why all documentation sucks ass!!!

    Most documentation sucks. It seems most authors have this idiotic idea that whatever is in their head, all their knowledge etc. magically transfers to the user as they read it. These are the same kind of idiots you meet in society that drone on about shit they understand to the totally uninitiated like they are […]

  • Bash how write large amounts of text to a file

    Bash how write large amounts of text to a file

    I searched and tried for days to find the answer to this. All I wanted to do was be able to basically create a file and write text to it exactly as I had entered it in a shell script. Every suggestion on the internet was fubar. Note : to run these commands, put them […]

  • Linux xclip command makes command line life easier

    I discovered a new tool today while adding my ssh keys to Github, something called xclip. The xclip command makes it easy to capture output to the clipboard so you can paste it to another location like into a browser or word file etc. The github docs above have you use it to copy your […]

  • C programming language resources and links Above is a great link to get started with C programming languge  

  • Undocumented parts and pieces of Scala magic

    I constantly run into things that are not in the documentation of Scala or if they are they are hidden. This kind of stuff only increases the learning curve of Scala. Any increase in the learning curve decreases acceptance rates. Self typing. The docs only show one single way, but low and behold there are […]

  • random interesting science articles

    Wonder Material Mimics Desert Beetles and Cacti To Suck Water Out of Thin Air Quantum researchers create an error correcting cat. How earthquake resistant buildings work. – Cool article that talks about pyramid structures.

  • Gitlab resources

    Videos What is Gitlab? This video is an introduction and quick overview of what gitlab is and why you might want to use it. GitLab CE Tutorial #2 – A Tour Of GitLab Introduction to GitLab Workflow Every single feature in Gitlab Plan This video quickly covers the features GitLab planning offers. This is a […]