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  • Why Linux Desktop will never go Mainstream

    #1 It doesn’t work for shit I’m not new to Linux desktop I’ve used it since 2008. It used to be pretty good, now it sucks ass. It constantly, constantly, constantly freezes. Not the normal freeze, but a super hard freeze that makes you have to unplug your computer to get it unfrozen. The type […]


    These days Google search is like asking a retarded kid to solve a complex math problem, it just can’t handle it. The most simple fucking searches return retarded fucking results. For example today I searched “can a mobile mechanic change oil in Georgia”. What do you think that long ass query returned??? I would think […]

  • Everything about programming on Windows 10 sucks ass

    A long, long, long time ago (2008) I switched from programming on Windows to Linux. WHY? Because it was such a pain in the ass at the time to get anything programming working properly. Even installing PHP was a kick in the dicksac. So recently I decided I would try programming on Windows once again […]

  • Why can’t C++ create it’s own prototypes

    I’ve learned a lot of languages in the last 18ish years of programming. I’ve learned and used Java, Perl, PHP, VB.NET, Javascript, Alice, Actionscript, Golang, Scala and more. Now I am learning C/C++ and I come across this thing that C++ calls function prototypes. Apparently you need to create the prototypes and then create the […]

  • PHP how to use values from outside an anonymous function

    In php you can create an anonymous function as a parameter to any other function that requires a function as the input. But you run into a small problem pretty quickly. When you create an anonymous function in PHP it has no access to variables outside of it’s curly braces. So what do you do […]

  • How to update your FosJsRoutingBundle routes file

    When you add a new route to one of your Symfony API routes aka your controllers, you will need to recreate the JSON routing file that FosJsRoutingBundle uses. To do that you use this simple command. php bin/console fos:js-routing:dump –format=json –target=public/js/fos_js_routes.json This command will rewrite your existing routes JSON file located in the public folder […]

  • How to fix Symfony Compile Error: Cannot use Repository as Repository because the name is already in use

    So you got this error? WTF does it even mean? Well my actual error was this. Compile Error: Cannot use App\Repository\PageUrlsRepository as PageUrlsRepository because the name is already in use You can see here what I did is accidentally add a second use statement. I remove that and BOOM all back to normal.

  • How to configure a fake domain name on your localhost on linux aka virtualhosts

    How to configure a fake domain name on your localhost on linux aka virtualhosts

    Often when testing a web project locally you will use something like http://localhost:9000. Unless you are using Docker and dockerizing your app. What if you want to run multiple apps or multiple versions of one app at the same time and instead of going to localhost:9000, localhost:9001 etc. etc. you want to go to https://yourappname […]

  • Why most current social platforms suck

    One major problem with most current social platforms is they randomly ban people for things that are not offensive. You can’t even make a joke on these platforms. They ban people for making jokes like the following. Anyone with an IQ over 75 can clearly see I am making a joke here about how much […]

  • Symfony events resources, links and videos

    To see a list of all events use this command php bin/console debug:event-dispatcher Built-in Symfony Events – this covers some of how events work in Symfony and the basic default events that fire with every request. The HTTP kernel component – This gets to the core of Symfony and it’s event system. The kernel is […]