Undocumented parts and pieces of Scala magic

I constantly run into things that are not in the documentation of Scala or if they are they are hidden. This kind of stuff only increases the learning curve of Scala. Any increase in the learning curve decreases acceptance rates.

Self typing. The docs only show one single way, but low and behold there are more ways. Imagine that. Disambiguating ‘this’ in Scala, or what does ‘self =>’ mean?



random interesting science articles

Wonder Material Mimics Desert Beetles and Cacti To Suck Water Out of Thin Air

Quantum researchers create an error correcting cat.

How earthquake resistant buildings work. – Cool article that talks about pyramid structures.


Gitlab resources


What is Gitlab?

This video is an introduction and quick overview of what gitlab is and why you might want to use it.

GitLab CE Tutorial #2 – A Tour Of GitLab

Introduction to GitLab Workflow

Every single feature in Gitlab Plan

This video quickly covers the features GitLab planning offers. This is a 24 minute video about just the Plan feature of GitLab

Continuous Integration with GitLab CI

This video begins by discussing what Continuous integration is. The video then moves on to Continuous Delivery at ~6:45 At ~9:45 the video starts to talk about CI/CD with GitLab