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  • How to view Symfony 5+ FosJsRoutingBundle routes

    How to view Symfony 5+ FosJsRoutingBundle routes

    I can never remember this command. However, now that I am creating more AJAX and exposing endpoints I need this command more often. This command is found in the docs too. But I can never remember where, so I will write about it here. The command to view how FosJsRoutingBundle views your routes. php bin/console…

  • How to view Symfony routes

    I often need to view my current routes and how the Symfony kernel views them. This usually happens when I am adding new routes, I end up getting conflicts and have to resolve them by viewing what exists etc. The command to view your routes is really simple. Open your console and navigate to your…

  • Fonts and icons resource list

    Everything you need to know about web fonts – awesome article that explains what fonts are, how they work on the web and the history of how things have changed. Google Fonts getting started page – Use some fonts for free from google fonts. Google now has icons too.

  • CSS links and resources

    Setting Height And Width On Images Is Important Again – great article explaining how browsers operate on images with CSS and HTML sizing. Cumulative layout shifts – this is when the content on your page shifts due to images, video or other content loading in the page.

  • How does login and authentication work in Symfony 5.*

    How does login and authentication work in Symfony 5.*

    This is basically just my notes at this time and what I have found. I’ll keep adding to it over time. I can never, ever for the life of me remember how this complicated BS works. To learn that see the links section. Here is an excellent article about the files involved, the process etc.…

  • Symfony Session resources list

    Symfony Session resources list

    Plain session docs – This is the symfony documentation page about Sessions alone. This link shows the basic configuration and use of Sessions in Symfony. This also mentions not starting a session for Anonymous users and has links to other info about sessions. Configuring Sessions and Save handlers – Symfony documentation link. This covers more…

  • Symfony errors and exception handling resources

    How to customize error pages – Documentation page about how to create custom error pages. How to Customize Access Denied Responses – specifically about how to customize access denied responses. This is useful for when you use voters to authorize a users access to content.

  • Ethereum Solidity programming links and resources.

    Links and resources about Ethereum Solidity programming language. Videos

  • Links and resources about Symfony firewall and authentication system

    One thing you will want to do is view your current security settings to do so you use this command. php bin/console debug:config security Old symfony cookbook security entry – This is an ancient link to nearly the very beginning of symfony. This explains the mechanics of the Symfony security system if you are like…

  • Links and resources about Symfony Doctrine fixtures

    Symfony cast page about fixtures.