Ubuntu 20 slow and freezes often

I’ve used Ubuntu since version 8 or about 2009/2010ish. It used to be super fast. You used to be able to run it on ANYTHING. It was easy to use.

These days Ubuntu is SLOWER THAN MOLASSES IN THE WINTER IN SIBERIA. So slow I am HONESTLY thinking about switching back to Windows just so I can work. I rather not spend my time working than investigating and typing utter bullshit cryptic commands into the command line.

nothing works meme
Ubuntu 20

Booting is extra slow, 3 to 5 minutes on an i7 with 16Gb ram. That is purely insane. Opening any program is slower than hell, whether it is a browser or an IDE, Slow. Drivers?


Linux has a special trick called freeze…

And once this MOFO freezes, you can’t do shit. Nothing works.  No combination of keys on the keyboard will give any result. Your only option with Ubuntu/Linux desktop is to un-plug your PC. ISN’T THAT JUST SUPER….

I don’t feel like digging into any files to figure out WTF this pile of bile is doing. I am guessing Ubuntu/Mint (this all happens on another PC I am running mint on) TOTALLY SUCKS at memory management, as the freezes almost always happen when I am using a browser. Honestly I use my computer to get shit done not to screw around playing with the command line trying to get everything working so I can feel extra smart.

That shit is for kids. In adultland we need our PC to turn on and run programs and function and shit like that.

sarcastic kid meme

But the slowness and freezing really sucks and is pushing me to move back to Windows for web development and programming. Plus most of the image editing, video editing, etc. etc. etc. software for Linux desktop is not worth the shit. Hell most of the software for linux desktop is chock full o bugs.

I sent someone my resume I created with LibreOffice they sent me an email back saying they couldn’t open it. Yay, we still have that old ass issue in 2021???

homer simpson meme
My first encounter with an app using an ORM

Then you got the damn issues with print drivers and video drivers and drivers in general. In reality you are lucky if you get a PC to run Linux desktop properly. And don’t give me this shit about flavor xxx is better. They are all built from the same damn kernel, which is what most functionality is built on.

Right now I need my computer to work. I have too much to do to stop and investigate why Linux is not working and dig through logs and google and go forum after forum for 2 damn days. Screw that and soon screw Linux desktop too. I am over the sluggishness. Over the super hard freezes. Over the slow startups. Over the slow everything and piss poor memory management. Probably doesn’t even use all 8 cores either. And to think you used to be able to run Ubuntu on tiny devices.
I bet the Linux Fanboys are having some hyperventilating butthurt right now, gonna leave me lots of comments. They never read the article, then leave the dumbest comments.

I love you guys too and I want to help you heal that butthurt.


What the world was like before Corporate greed set in

What were the good ole days like?

I am not super old, just 42 years old. But yet I am old enough to remember the good ole days. The days when Employers paid better. The days when employers cared about the product they produced or service they provided. The days when employers didn’t have a hard time finding employees because they were not so damn insanely greedy.

Why does CEO pay increase but not the workers?

Can you believe that back in the day( like before the year 2000), that companies would seek out people with an interest in their field that they could train? They would look for people that had an aptitude or interest in their given field and they would hire that person. I remember as a kid they would come around to high schools and interview Seniors and many got jobs before graduating and the companies would pay for their college.

Can you believe they would even pay to move that person? Want your mind blown further????? They even used pay for your training, certifications and college and give you a book stipend and much more. I have a friend who is a CPA, he earned his CPA that very way. He signed a contract to promise to work for 2 years after getting the CPA or he had to pay them back. He stayed for the 2 years.
They used to offer medical and dental coverage…. And to further blow your mind, did you know they used to offer pensions and retirement plans???? Not just the kind where you put into. No, like they used to fully fund those things and you could add to it too if you wanted, but it was an option!!!

Todays employers are much different than they used to be.

These were the days of our parents and grandparents. The days where you worked for a company your entire life, instead of job hopping. The days when companies cared at least a tiny bit about their employees. Hell the days when a company was around more than 4 to 6 years. The days before UBER GREEED.

Employers now encourage Job hopping

These greedy companies decided they could save more money to pay the precious investors by stealing trained employees from their competitors. This in turn leads to job hopping as companies offer more and more to steal the employee.

So they switched up the paradigm. Now instead of finding good people and training them, they use recruiters to steal them from other companies. But they claim they don’t want to hire job hoppers?

The deal gets more sour

Now we as potential employees are expected to go into deep debt getting an education so that some rich CEO and investors can get their pockets padded more?
So now we get paid less(due to inflation) and we have to pay for our education too? And jobs and companies are totally not stable anymore. To make it worse we are expected to work long hours and sometimes weekends. What a wonderful deal.

If you do the math you might not be making much more than minimum wage with that expensive degree. I’ll write another article about declining college attendance. Maybe another about the lie flat movement happening now due to this realization too.

The great resignation

We employees have finally in mass received the message loud and clear from you employers. “YOU ARE VALUELESS AND REPLACEABLE, LOOK HOW RICH AND IMPORTANT I AM

It just took the Covid 19 shutdowns for people to finally realize just how sour of a deal they were getting.

Covid awakened the sleepy employees while they were laid off at home.

Many started their own small businesses or started freelancing or trading stocks or crypto currencies. Suddenly people realized that we were being used and abused and that the money was not worth it.

We realized that maybe we can work less hours and make about the same amount of money or maybe more. Which in turn gives us more time for our family life, hobbies and living in general.

Money is only one part of the story. The way employers have been treating employees has declined since globalism and recruiting started. Back in the good ole days companies wanted to hang on to their valuable trained employees so they treated them like HUMANS. Imagine that???? Being treated like a human by your employer.

Now they treat you like a paycheck, and when that check grows too big they replace you in a heart beat. Yet you are still supposed to be loyal to the company? GTFO with that is what many of us are finally saying to the GREED MONGERERS.

The great resignation

Gone are the days of employers paying employees what they are worth. Gone are the days of employers paying to train their new employees. Gone are the days an employer will help move an employee. Gone are the days of retirement plans. Gone are the days of being treated like a human by your employer.

Now employers expect you to live in the city their home office is in or you get to pay to move. Now employers don’t offer pay increases. Now employers don’t offer retirement plans. Now employers don’t pay for college.  Now employers expect you to work more than 40 hours a week and say it is part of the salary.

Maybe now you understand why employers whine and cry they can’t find any employees.

The application process sucks

How many of you have gone through the application process lately? I’ve read many similar horror stories of people sending out their resume 300 times to get like 30 interviews, 3 job offers and 1 job. I’ve read about people having to do 6 to 10 interviews with the same company. People having to do side projects to prove their abilities etc. etc.

All in a time when employers are whining and crying and bitching and moaning that they can’t find anyone?????? REALLY???WTF?

are you kidding me
Today’s employers are cheap and picky too. WTF?

If employers want good employees again, then employers are going to have to change.

US corporations are the absolute worst on the planet too. This is why no one wants to work for them anymore if they can find a way around it. There is literally a term for it “turn and burn” where they suck the life out of their employees then replace them. The TECH/STEM industry is the most horrible about this. So bad they even make you retrain your foreign h1b replacements.



Why Amazon search sucks and how it can be fixed

A while back Amazon search used to work really well. But now it sucks. Why? Well a video is worth more than 1,000,000 words.

First off note the difference in result count, 658 vs 3000  when I choose to sort by price low to high. It seems like 3000 is a hard coded random number not an actual real result.

You will never ever be able to view 3,000 products, this search is FAKE.

Also notice once I switch to lowest to highest, all of the  sellers with their unrelated garbage pops up. So now you get page after page after page of non-relevant garbage results.

awesome sauce meme
Isn’t this just awesome

So if you don’t filter you get pages of randomly priced items. That is never helpful to me on any site EVER. That pretends like the price doesn’t matter. How can anyone find what they are looking for if they don’t compare prices? As prices go up, objects often get more features. Plus what kind of sense does it make to have $38 next to or after $299 or vice versa?

And WTF is with letting all the unrelated items that have nothing to do with dehumidifiers? Do you really think I am looking for shirts and plugs and random crap when I type “dehumidifier”?

amazon search meme
Amazons search algorithm is all like

And don’t you just love how it stops at page 7? THAT IS 100% TOTALLY AWESOME PROGRAMMING THERE AMAZON. So now you get less results than if you didn’t filter, and the results you get are 100% UTTER SHIT. Hell even if you don’t choose any of the filters, you get 7 pages of results. THAT IS IT. WTF? WOW REALLY GUYS?

Searching on Amazon is fun
How to fix this

I have no idea how Amazon is designed. It is probably a technological mess of one piece added onto another in a patch quilt type manner. Their programmers are not that great. Any developer that tries AWS services will tell you working with that mess is a nightmare. You get moronic error messages and much more. High school kids could do better at this point.

It would be nice though if they could get these features working, since they have no real competition. I mean more than 7 pages of search results would be nice. Why show 3k search results but only allow pagination of 7 pages for a total of less than 400 products?

Makes sense right?



Typing lag on linkedin sucks.


I finally figured out what was wrong with LinkedIn. I believe they are using React. I think this is why they are hiring so many React Developers.  It slows down if you leave the tab open, or use it too much.

Javascript is not for building pages and apps. Javascript is for manipulating the DOM and enhancing the user Experience.  Regardless of how good you think you are, building an entire app with Javascript is not a good idea for many reasons.

Single page apps suck to maintain don’t believe me read this


React is hype and  coolism

I just wanna be a cool kid too.

All the cool kids are using it it has to be teh most bestestes.

Twitter uses React too. It crashes so bad in Google Chrome on Ubuntu that you have to restart Ubuntu to get Chrome working again. No smart guys restarting Chrome doesn’t work.

Apparently Ubuntu doesn’t regulate how much ram browsers or anything can use so React nomnoms it all up and crash goes the browser.

These issues were due to using LinkedIn for too long in a tab.  I now open it, do some stuff really quick and close it. No more issues, that is part of how I came to this conclusion too. I eventually learned this stops Twitter from crashing too. With React you have to close the damn tabs to get performance. SWEET!

The story

For a while I kept wondering why linkedin comments, posts etc. would get very sluggish when I typed. Other things were slow too.

Typing lag on linkedin

So laggy and slow I often have to just stop trying for up to a minute while Linkedin code catches up. Why does it constantly pause while I am typing?

Don’t believe me? Watch this.  At about 29 seconds you can see it looks like I am not typing. I am still typing it is just not responding and lagging.

Why do React sites suck?

Because React is Javascript building and updating THE ENTIRE FRONT-END .Read why we need to stop using react. Very good points I won’t bother repeating in there. It also isn’t just React it is all Javascript frameworks used to build Single page apps. It is just how the hardware works.

Single page apps are a MAJOR JUMP IN TH WRONG DIRECTION.

Think for a second how many objects an entire page’s DOM  contains, then the other javascript objects and all of the things that are firing off like events etc. There is really a hell of a lot going on and all of that is getting crammed into a users limited phone RAM. Phones are just tiny computers.

One problem with React and  Functional javascript framework/libraries is Functional Javascript EATS THE LIVING HELL OUT OF MEMORY. I mean NOMNOMS THAT SHIT.

React likes NOMNOM RAM

The reason Functional programming eats so much ram is because every time you do something an object is created. If the state of that object changes a new object is created from the old object and the old one is often preserved at least for a certain amount of time.

This creation uses cpu and ram, which phones are really limited on. Most developers use a laptop or PC so they think their code is wiz bang fast. When in reality it is often dead ass slow.

You can’t predict if the persons device has 2Gb ram or 256mb of ram. You can’t predict if they have tabs open etc. So you should try to use as little of it as possible.

All of the lost lessons

The Tech industry is partly to blame for this with all of their greed.  They used to find smart people. Pay to move them. Pay for their college etc. Seriously they used to do this.

Then they got greedy, the tech industry wanted cheap programmers. In order to get cheap programmers programming had to be made easier and faster for people to learn. This gave birth to all of the fads of Javascript built frontends. Javascript frameworks started popping up left and right, overnight. Then Javascript on the server and NoSQL to name a few. It became a race to the bottom quickly and now we get slow and crashing websites as a result.

All of this has been a turn in the wrong direction. A leap backwards. Long ago programmers and engineers learned the treacheries of using NoSQL 

More on the history of SQL and NoSQL.

Many years ago we learned that overly using Javascript in the browser was a bad idea.

Too much Javascript in the browser

We learned that it slowed down the more you used it. It was once a best practice to use as little javascript as possible, you only animated things and updated stuff. Now people are building entire complex sites with Javascript?

I just can’t…

The computers of a decade and two decades ago are the phones of today. The old computers slowed down, the phones slow down now. Maybe not the super expensive newest of phones, but most of your uses will not have the best phone and assuming so is stupid.

Phones and browsers have limited ram. Your app shouldn’t be eating it all.