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  • The tech industry is full of IDIOTS!!!

    The tech industry is full of IDIOTS!!!

    A BIG Rant After programming/web development for almost 18 years. I’ve seen lots of things and ran across many types of people. I can tell you the industry is full of idiots. Not regular idiots either. The kind of idiots that feel the urge to put on a show to pretend they are more intelligent […]

  • Why I hate Python so much!!!

    Why I hate Python so much!!!

    Python is all the rage these days for young hipster programmers. Somehow all of these companies have been fooled into using this HORRIBLE language for EVERYTHING. At this point Python is being ABUSED. Python is a cancer for software development. Python was never meant to do all of the things everyone is trying to force […]

  • C programming old bad practices

    C programming old bad practices

    So I’ve just started learning C. C is a really, really old language, and with it comes bad practices from the past. Learning C is like traveling in time to decades ago, almost but not really. C is much closer to the architecture, meaning you must consider memory management, pointers and more. There is lots […]

  • Why ubuntu snap SUCKSSSSS

    Why ubuntu snap SUCKSSSSS

    Ubuntu snap seems like a good idea. You search point and click install and it works right… So what could be the problem. Oh there is ONE GIANT, HUGE GIANT PROBLEM. EVERYTHING IS OUTDATED. Since 90% +- of all of the software you can install with snap is outdated or doesn’t work, or doesn’t work […]

  • How to install git-lfs to push large files to github

    So instead of running software on the github servers to do WTF ever github has to have done to large files, THEY FORCE YOU TO DO IT. What is a large file? A WHOPPING 50Mb!!! Yesterday it was actually 100mb, today it is now 50mb. Soon it will be 1mb FFS.¬† That isn’t the bad […]



    CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???? Would you the shittiest network coverage possible? Do you enjoy important dropped calls? Do you like a noisy background when you talk? Do you like missing lots of calls and text messages only to get bombarded once your POS phone actually finds a signal good enough to communicate with the […]



    You can’t get worse service than AT&T. If you like SPAM THEN AT&T IS YOUR PROVIDER OF CHOICE. That could be another title for this article. This is the MOST GREEDY¬† OF THE MOST GREEDY POS COMPANIES ON EARTH. Lets face it AT&T is the absolute worst cell carrier out there. Their coverage TOTALLY SUCKS […]

  • Ubuntu 20 slow and freezes often

    I’ve used Ubuntu since version 8 or about 2009/2010ish. It used to be super fast. You used to be able to run it on ANYTHING. It was easy to use. I can’t take the damn slowness these days. Update. Apparently Gnome is the culprit plus some other useless crap. Some say Kubuntu is faster. I […]

  • Why Amazon search sucks and how it can be fixed

    Why Amazon search sucks and how it can be fixed

    Well, someone had to say it! This is about more than just amazon search sucking. It is about the entire tech industry and the assbackwards hiring practices they are using. This started out as a simple Amazon search sucks article, until I decided to dig into their hiring process. I then discovered their hiring process […]

  • Forced password changes are not good security policy

    Forced password changes are not good security policy

    To combat this unintelligent BS I am now starting a list of idiots that do this. For so long I have read and heard that a GREAT security feature is to force your users to change passwords every so many days/months. Linux even has a built in feature for this. This is a really stupid […]