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How to go back multiple directories in a linux terminal command line

Often when I am using the command line in a terminal on Linux I need to go back more than one directory. Usually you use the command

cd ..

Which takes you back one level in a directory. For example if you are in /var/www/http and you type cd .. you will be in directory /var/www/.

But what if you are super deep in the directory and need to get back to www directory. Say you are in /var/www/http/website/public and you want to get back to /var/www/http you can either type:
cd .. ( inside /var/www/http/website/ )
cd .. (inside /var/www/http/ now )

But you can type the following and get all the way back to the /www/http/ directory in one line
cd ../..
That line will take you back two directories. If you need to go further back just continue adding ../..

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Link to Doctrine annotations list

This post is because I will never remember how I found this link to the list of annotations for doctrine.

Doctrine Annotations list

Random Resources Web Development

PHP random links and resources

PHP the Right way – a website/book full of the most useful information you will find about PHP

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Scala database access driver client links and resources.

Resources and links about accessing a database in Scala.

An async postgre mysql db access client 

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Why are Scala val variables called values?

One of the oddest things I encountered when starting to learn Scala was seeing variables called values instead of variables.

When I first started reading the docs I saw a list of values of the classes, traits etc. I kept wondering WTF is a value why not call it a variable like every other language.

So for a while I just thought the Scala community just referred to all class variables as values.

Then I was reading the docs some more, I found this page. It has this one easy to miss line that answers the question why are vals called values instead of variables.

The second sentence below the difference between Val and Var

“Because val fields can’t vary, some people refer to them as values rather than variables.”


And that is the answer. In the Scala API documentation most classes/objects you see has a list of values defined with val.

I suppose the class variables are defined this way so that you don’t accidentally mutate them or change them.

I am still  not sure why methods are called members yet, when I figure that out maybe I’ll write about it.

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Interesting blog about databases

I found this link somehow. This guy has all kinds of interesting information about databases, programming and technology in general .

Electrical Engineering Random

Cool electronic recycling ideas

Cool ideas for reusing electronics

Things you can make from old, dead laptops

What is worth salvaging from an old smartphone?


random cool links

I am all over in the tech. I have quite a few inventions I am working on. I stay busy learning about tech all day everyday and all it does is give me more and more ideas. One day I’ll catch a break and get some money and start inventing away.

software to calculate woofer box sizes 

information about the software above, how to use it etc.

more software to design speaker boxes

Information about passive radiators

Free electronics learning online book.

Circuit lab free schematics and circuit simulation software. Totally cool.

Electronics notes website. Awesome electronics free learning resources website.

Information for inventors

The Ultimate Guide To Motivating Users To Invite Their Friends To A New Platform

citiled light calculator. – an odd calculator I found  I don’t even know how.

Contending with Spiritual Reductionism: Demons, Shame, and Dividualising Experiences Among Evangelical Christians with Mental Distress  – This kind of shit makes it nearly impossible for sufferers to believe in Christianity. Christians are the Pharisees of modern day, they tell everyone that everyone but them are going to hell. Telling people they have mental illness because they have demons or committed sins or their family did in the pass is complete no brain, stone age,  superstitious horseshit.

Oldest ever human genetic evidence clarifies dispute over our ancestors  – Science makes sense because it is provable. My question is, have humans ever been genetically altered by other life in the past? Or maybe even created by other life by genetic manipulations to our ancient ape ancestors?

Therapeutic Ultrasound with Piezo Components
This is a seriously interesting article about the medical uses for piezo generated waves. Things such as tumor destruction, targeted medicine release and Intravascular Lithotripsy ( plaque removal in the arteries ) I was just thinking about how we need a way to remove plaque to help reduce blood pressure and extend life the other day. I think about an insane amount of things all the time, the more complex the better.

Generating Ultrasound with Piezo Components

This has some interesting information on the subject. I got into the piezo devices because I designed a mining device that has 0 ZERO mechanical parts. I want to build a mining device because I want to get off earth and live inside an asteroid, a ship inside an asteroid to be highly stealthy and hide from other life. There is other life, Earth is roughly 1/4 the age of the universe, it has had billions of years to find us and hide from us. That is a series of articles though. I even know why aliens probe buttholes and E.T’s finger glows. LOL

Using an Arduino to control an FM tuner

Hacking Nasa Satellites to view earth

Link to website.

How to create an Arduino FM radio

Link to website article

DIY 3D printer

I can’t wait to build one of these!!!

Part 2 of building DIY 3D printer

Part 3 of Building a DIY 3d Printer

DIY – Lab Bench Power Supply

Lecture 8 Part C: Frequency response of a piezoelectric element
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Scala Java Joke

Interviewer: How much do you know about Java?

Me : Enough to decide to learn Scala

Interviewer: Do you not like Java?

Me: I’d rather not write a paragraph to simply create and use an object