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  • Redhat developer resources

    My list of resources and information about Redhat software etc. RedHat OpenShift developer resources. This page has many links to free books, videos, articles etc. Building containerized applications Lots of useful information and resources here. This covers some of the tools RedHat offers for development with containers such as Buildah, Podman and Skopeo. It has […]

  • OpenShift information and resources

    OpenShift information and resources page OpenShift is a useful developer toolset. Articles Building Scala and SBT Applications on OpenShift Disaster Recovery Strategies for Applications Running on OpenShift OpenShift vs Kubernetes  This article covers the differences between OpenShift and Regular old Kubernetes. What is OpenShift? Once you decide you want to use Kubernetes you need some […]

  • Container technology resources and information

    Containers are quickly and drastically changing the way we build and deploy apps these days. Containers make deployment easier and faster by providing the exact environment that your code needs to operate. However, with this power and ease comes complexity. First off there are various container technologies, but the most common is Docker. Articles and […]

  • Random Scala stuff for newbs

    Random Scala stuff for newcomers The Scala ecosystem is huge. All kinds of tools, new tools, special tools, tool tools. Some are familiar to Java people, some are Scala specific. This page is a collection of tools I have encountered and things new people will find helpful. There is also the Scala resources page and […]

  • Scala Best Practices

    Scala allows so much freedom that you must absolutely use some best practices. This page contains links to best practices that I have found useful. Many of these are repetitive some are not. Some do better at explaining some concepts than others. This is why I like multiple references to the same subject for cross […]

  • random cool links

    random cool links

    I am all over in the tech. I have quite a few inventions I am working on. I stay busy learning about tech all day everyday and all it does is give me more and more ideas. One day I’ll catch a break and get some money and start inventing away. software to calculate woofer […]

  • API resources and information

    API (application programmers interface) Resources This page lists different resources about API’s how to build and test them etc. Articles REST And Hypermedia And GraphQL And gRPC And Event-Driven This is a great article about these topics. Postman app Videos The Basics of Using Postman for API Testing

  • service mesh resources

    Service mesh resources A service mesh allows for communication between microservices, between services and their database, they act as a proxy and load balance, control Security etc. A service mesh is one of the most important parts of a Microservice architecture. Examples of Service Meshes include Istio, Linkerd and Consul, there are more. Articles The […]

  • Microservice Communication Resources

    Microservice Communication resources In order to completely understand microservices you also have to understand networking. Communication is one of the hardest parts of microservice design, get it wrong and your system simply won’t perform. Below are some useful links that explain networking concepts. Understanding the basics of RESTful APIs. This is a great article that […]

  • scala web development resources

    Resources for web development with Scala Scala tags. This library is for creating HTML from Scala. Thanks lihaoyi ScalaCSS a library for creating CSS from Scala