• How to wire 2.42 I2C oled screen to Wemos D1 mini
    In this article I will cover how to wire up a generic 2.42 inch I2C OLED Screen to a D1 mini. It isn’t super hard, however there isn’t much info on this on the internet so I figured I would write this article. First off I will be using the u8g2 library, it works great […]
  • Why ubuntu snap SUCKSSSSS
    Ubuntu snap seems like a good idea. You search point and click install and it works right… So what could be the problem. Oh there is ONE GIANT, HUGE GIANT PROBLEM. EVERYTHING IS OUTDATED. Since 90% +- of all of the software you can install with snap is outdated or doesn’t work, or doesn’t work […]
  • Things that I don’t like about Ansible
    Ansible does make automation easier, but with some caveats and quirks you have to slowly discover
  • Linux cp command how to copy files to a directory excluding current directory name
    So you want to copy files from one directory to another including all sub directories and files. It sounds simple at first. Say you have a directory with files named /directory1 and you want to move the files and directories within that directory to another named /directory2. How do you do this with the cp […]
  • Why are they doing this to us?
    This is part of the dreams series. Eventually these will be turned into a series of novels about the world pre-apocalypse, during the apocalypse and after. In this particular dream I find myself in the middle of a road, running… lots of people are running. There are explosions in the background. The location reminds me […]
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