• Why Linux Desktop will never go Mainstream
    #1 It doesn’t work for shit I’m not new to Linux desktop I’ve used it since 2008. It used to be pretty good, now it sucks ass. It constantly, constantly, constantly freezes. Not the normal freeze, but a super hard freeze that makes you have to unplug your computer to get it unfrozen. The type … Read more
    These days Google search is like asking a retarded kid to solve a complex math problem, it just can’t handle it. The most simple fucking searches return retarded fucking results. For example today I searched “can a mobile mechanic change oil in Georgia”. What do you think that long ass query returned??? I would think … Read more
  • Everything about programming on Windows 10 sucks ass
    A long, long, long time ago (2008) I switched from programming on Windows to Linux. WHY? Because it was such a pain in the ass at the time to get anything programming working properly. Even installing PHP was a kick in the dicksac. So recently I decided I would try programming on Windows once again … Read more
  • The tech industry is full of IDIOTS!!!
    A BIG Rant After programming/web development for almost 18 years. I’ve seen lots of things and ran across many types of people. I can tell you the industry is full of idiots. Not regular idiots either. The kind of idiots that feel the urge to put on a show to pretend they are more intelligent … Read more
  • Why I hate Python so much!!!
    Python is all the rage these days for young hipster programmers. Somehow all of these companies have been fooled into using this HORRIBLE language for EVERYTHING. At this point Python is being ABUSED. Python is a cancer for software development. Python was never meant to do all of the things everyone is trying to force … Read more
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