• Things that I don’t like about Ansible
    Ansible does make automation easier, but with some caveats and quirks you have to slowly discover
  • Linux cp command how to copy files to a directory excluding current directory name
    So you want to copy files from one directory to another including all sub directories and files. It sounds simple at first. Say you have a directory with files named /directory1 and you want to move the files and directories within that directory to another named /directory2. How do you do this with the cp […]
  • Why are they doing this to us?
    This is part of the dreams series. Eventually these will be turned into a series of novels about the world pre-apocalypse, during the apocalypse and after. In this particular dream I find myself in the middle of a road, running… lots of people are running. There are explosions in the background. The location reminds me […]
  • How to install git-lfs to push large files to github
    So instead of running software on the github servers to do WTF ever github has to have done to large files, THEY FORCE YOU TO DO IT. What is a large file? A WHOPPING 50Mb!!! Yesterday it was actually 100mb, today it is now 50mb. Soon it will be 1mb FFS.  That isn’t the bad […]
  • PHP how to use values from outside an anonymous function
    In php you can create an anonymous function as a parameter to any other function that requires a function as the input. But you run into a small problem pretty quickly. When you create an anonymous function in PHP it has no access to variables outside of it’s curly braces. So what do you do […]
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