About AkashicSeer.com

What is akashicseer.com?

Akashic seer is a name I came up with because my dreams are super lucid, several dreams have come true in strange ways. I often get Deja vu feelings, but they are from dreams. I’ve seen hints of stores in my dreams then later been amazed by going into the store and it was like the dream.  Several other things have come true, I seriously hope the rest do not come true. I have extreme nightmares, mostly apocalyptic, earthquakes, floods, war, disease. I also walk through walls, open doors without keys and start cars without keys, levitate objects etc.  so until I can do any of those I can’t be sure how true all of my dreams are LOL.

I sleep for very short periods of time 2 hours and less. Between the lucid nightmares and the fact that I am a super ultra light sleeper, it is very hard for me to sleep. In fact I hope someday we can genetically modify ourselves to remove the need to sleep as it is an utter 100% waste of time. Maybe next we can create nanotechnology that lets us absorb the nutrients our bodies need from our environments. I have an extremely creative imagination which often creates the nightmares. I feel hot, cold, wet, pain. I even think and have emotions.

My dreams are actually so realistic and lucid that often the only way I can tell that I am dreaming is whether or not I can levitate an object, if so I am dreaming. LOL  I even sleep and have dreams within my dreams, that is some scary shit. Many times in my dreams I am so tired I keep trying to sleep. In one dream where I was dreaming within a dream, a raccoon attacked my back as I was laying on my stomach. I woke up from that dream only to find I was still dreaming.

I have a repetitive dream where I go to some facility, it is like a hospital or research building of some type. I’m in this building when shit hits the fan and the zombies happen. Anyway, in this building there is a lower level in that lower level there is a large vault like, super thick metal locking door.  There are monitors and other devices in the same room as this door. The door is electronically activated and somehow I get it open. It is after I enter this door then later emerge that I gain the ability to fly, levitate objects, walk through walls, completely change location instantly and do many things that seem like magic. It seems in this dream I encounter some sort of nanotechnology that makes these things possible.

My dreams are so real and so odd, I remember most of them. The floods and earthquakes are horrible. But the evil spirits are the worst. They seem like some sort of inter-dimensional demons, one finally made me angry in my dreams and I learned how to scare it.

Often when doing things I recognize things from my dreams. If you think about it, it is highly likely that everything we are witnessing has already happened, reality is just a memory of events that have taken place. Life is a timeline of events. The events of your life will always repeat from your birth until your death, in this sense you are immortal.

Akashic Records

Wikipedia describes akashic records as such:

In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane. There are anecdotal accounts but there is no scientific evidence for the existence of the Akashic records

What is a seer?

Google defines seer as :
a person who is supposed to be able, through supernatural insight, to see what the future holds

Akashic seer is also my assumed name for this website and writing as well.  The way I see it if the social platform I release next year flops, I’ll turn my wild dreams into a Sci-fi series of books about this end of the human cycle. I believe humans have gone through many such cycles like the one we are living in right now. I believe we have reached similar levels of technology and either destroyed ourselves on the whole or natural disasters have happened. I think humans have been in a pattern of rise and fall for many thousands of years.  I honestly hope the apocalyptic parts of my dreams don’t come true.  The zombie people didn’t make sense in my dreams.  The zombies are not like the walking dead or any other movie.  The zombies in my dreams seem mostly like normal people, except they seem more like they have dementia, some are rotten or sick looking.

For a while I tried watching youtube videos before I went to bed to help get programming and reading off my brain. Again my dreams are so realistic I read books and write code in my dreams. The only problem is I can’t get the code to debug properly and that wakes me up because I realize it is a dream.  With the book reading I mentally realize that I am reading nonsense or repeated lines and that wakes me up.

Youtube decided because I was watching videos about nanotechnology that I should know about Zombie deer disease or CWD (cronic wasting disease). This turns deer into zombies by eating their brains and turning them into mush eventually causing death.  CWD is related to mad cow disease. This is not a disease however it is a mutated protein that tricks the body into producing more of these mutant proteins called prions. These prions turn the brains of animals into swiss cheese.  CWD has not jumped to humans yet, however the USA is absolutely covered in it.

Once it reaches critical mass it may mutate and find a way to infect humans.  These prions are scary shit, way worse than anything in any zombie movie.  These little shits are genetically selective, if the animal has the right mutation on the right gene it is infected and it’s body produces more, if not then the animal becomes a carrier to infect other animals.  What is worse is there is absolutely no method of sterilization that works. These prions stick like super glue to surgical steel instruments and even survive bleach, heat and any other sanitization process. We may have to genetically modify or die one day. These prions can cause dementia like symptoms in humans, so basically we die like the CWD deer.  Thanks youtube.  Maybe one day I’ll write an article about prions.

I read all day every day. I mostly read about software design and programming etc., however I love science and everything catches my attention. Like curing bacterial infections with genetically engineered bacteriophages. I came across bacteriophage while watching videos about nanobots on youtube, they look just like what I pictured a nanobot would look like.
Speaking of nanobots. When I was 12 I told a psychologist about nanobots and how we could one day use them to cure illness, but that they could also be used as weapons by putting them into clouds then activating them to kill people in a fashion that would resemble ebola virus. I read a hell of a lot as a kid. When I was about 10 I started reading Discover magazine, popular science, popular mechanics and almost any book on science I could find. I found an ad for a free magazine from NASA called Spinoff at 11 years old that was what I was reading. I even knew about DAARPA .  I actually started reading at about 3 years old. I’m a super introvert and prefer to spend 100% of all of my time learning as much as I can. I own hundreds of reference books, I don’t read novels, to me if it doesn’t contain knowledge it is a waste of time.

I mostly cover Scala and Software engineering in this blog.  However, I will cover some of my thoughts on science etc. from time to time.  That is why I named the blog akashicseer.com it is about software engineering and some random science and math thoughts here and there.  If I thought about only software development all the time I would lose my mind.