Things that suck about php

How about useless error messages. This shit right here just wasted 3+ hours of my god damned time. Why? JUST  WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME THAT THERE IS AN ARRAY TO STRING CONVERSION WHEN THERE CLEARLY ISN’T.


Thanks for the moronic messages PHP

What clown ass moron even thought this was a good message to return when a multi-dimensional array is passed instead of a regular array? I even had the shit wrapped in is_array() to make sure only an array was passed to avoid the bullshit string error message.

I mean who the hell sat there and was like, you know what we should do if someone accidentally passes a multi-dimensional array… yeah we should tell them they passed a string. And who the hell agreed with this dipshit idea?

Why the hell not just tell me  the magical fairy queen eats at 9am? Both are just as  useful. I want  to kick the morons right in their ballsac for this jackassed no brain 100%  useless message.


It really pisses me off I lost so many hours to some false BS error message that had me checking all kind of my code scratching my head saying WTF? Why not give people a real error message that points them in the right direction. After I found this BS it took me 5 minutes to fix the offending code FFS.

Wasting my time with BS error messages that make 0 sense