Month: May 2021

  • Symfony 5+ how to import or link to javascript and css files with webpack encore

    Symfony has a handy way of importing your css and javascript files into your templates/pages to use them. You can find the full info in the docs link here. This was a little confusing to me at first.  Mostly due to my lack of knowledge of some of the Webpack and  modern JS features like […]

  • Fonts and icons resource list

    Everything you need to know about web fonts – awesome article that explains what fonts are, how they work on the web and the history of how things have changed. Google Fonts getting started page – Use some fonts for free from google fonts. Google now has icons too.

  • CSS links and resources

    Setting Height And Width On Images Is Important Again – great article explaining how browsers operate on images with CSS and HTML sizing. Cumulative layout shifts – this is when the content on your page shifts due to images, video or other content loading in the page.