Month: November 2020

  • Linux commands resources and links

    Linux commands cheat sheet – nice, useful list of Linux commands and examples of how to use them. Difference between Ubuntu apt-get autoclean, clean, autoremove commands – it is important to know the difference. Cleaning up with apt-get – how to clean up with apt clean command How To Upgrade Ubuntu Using Command Line? Linux […]

  • How to list and install php modules on ubuntu linux

    How to list and install php modules on ubuntu linux

    I always, always forget how to do this and it takes an hour of googling to figure this out again. Basically I often need to see not just what php modules are installed on my system, but also what can be installed. For example you can see what is already installed and available to you […]

  • How to get TinyMCE to not destroy image upload URL’s

    Came across a weird not so feature of TinyMCE where it munges the URL your upload script returns when it uploads an image. For example if your upload script returns a url of TinyMCE takes it upon itself to rewrite that URL breaking it to ../../folder/image.jpg¬† I am not sure why but I think […]

  • Symfony doctrine remove column from entity table

    As a newcomer to Doctrine I had to google and dig to figure this out. Explanation here. Symfony DoctrineMigrationsBundle documentation here. Doctrine, doctrine migrations documentation here. Basically if you want to remove a column from a table when using Doctrine and Symfony Entities all you do is remove the variable and the matching getter/setter methods […]

  • AWS autoscaling links and resources

    AWS autoscaling lets you set up groups of EC2 instances which are controlled by a load balancer. The load balancer in turn makes sure your app has the correct number of EC2 instances running at all times. If your traffic is high it adds the maximum that you set. If traffic goes down it adjust […]

  • AWS resources and links

    AWS Parameter Store vs. AWS Secrets Manager – great short article that covers use cases and information about each and when to use.