Month: October 2020

  • Linux how to copy files from one directory to another without copying the directory name

    This is for later when I forget how to do this. Basically I wanted to know how to move files from one directory into another recursively without the cp command also copying the directory name. Basically if you use cp -r /directory then the contents of the directory and all within are copied, but this […]

  • GIT how to check user settings

    With git you can configure global or per repository settings. Global means any repository on your computer that you want to use will use these settings unless you specify specific settings per repository. The settings I am speaking of are your username, email and remote origin etc.  This article at this link covers the basics […]

  • Devops resources and links

    Devops is the process of going from code to deployment operations. When to use AWS OpsWorks vs. CloudFormation or Elastic Beanstalk  

  • Server Environmental variables resources and info

    About environmental variables – an introduction to environmental variables and how they work on the server.

  • Phpmyadmin links and resources.

    I wanted to use Phpmyadmin without the Apache install running. I couldn’t figure it out, but someone else did. Here is a link to how to use phpmyadmin without apache

  • Single page apps suck links and resources

    Single page apps built with Javascript are the super hyped rage these days. This design goes against all of the hard learned lessons of the past 30 years. The main reason SPA’s suck is networks are unreliable and SPA require large amounts of Javascript to be transferred to a users device. Most devices are mobile […]

  • PHP tools for CI CD testing etc.

    7 Continuous Integration Tools for PHP Laravel Developers

  • CI/CD resources and information.

    Here is a list of Articles, videos and other information about Continuous integration, deployment etc. etc. Devops resources. CI/CD article Understanding the CI/CD Pipeline: What It Is, Why It Matters  Set Up a CI/CD Pipeline on AWS  Continuous integration vs. continuous delivery vs. continuous deployment CICD on AWS using CodeBuild, CodeDeploy and CodePipeline

  • Database design info resources and links

    This page is all about databases, their design, how they work, how they replicate etc. Living without atomic clocks – article about the subject and cockroachdb Exploiting a Natural Network Effect for Scalable, Fine-grained Clock Synchronization – pdf link Amazon time sync service – atomic clock ntp time syncing for AWS based systems. STORING UTC […]