Month: July 2020

  • Installing PHP composer programmatically with a bash script on linux

    The easiest way to install Composer is by using the bash script provided here.  What I do is use vim to create a file named then post that script in it. I do this in any folder, then I move the script to make it global as suggested in the documentation here. Basically all […]

  • Links and resources about installing php and extensions

    It took quite a bit of searching to find something that accurately describes how to currently install php and it’s extensions on Linux. How to install php on ubuntu Another good link on installing php 7.4 on ubuntu Enable php modules/extensions on ubuntu

  • PHP composer links and resources.

    Composer is a dependency manager for PHP. Confusing to install, easy to use. Composer documentation – the actual documentation helps. A gentle introduction to composer as a dependency manager – excellent resource covering pretty much everything about PHP composer you could ever want to know. Well mostly.  

  • Random Links about Databases

    Why Uber dropped PostgreSQL – interesting article if you are thinking about using PostgreSQL – a really cool website that lists database engines by popularity check it out. Cassandra Use Cases: When To Use And When Not To Use Cassandra – really good article about when to use and not use Cassandra Db 7 […]

  • Scala database access driver client links and resources.

    Resources and links about accessing a database in Scala. An async postgre mysql db access client 

  • Scala map and flatmap links and resources

    Understanding map and flatmap can be a little hard at first if you have never encountered them. Below are some links to help you get a better understanding of these constructs. Map, map and flatMap in Scala – good article explains the concepts well. Maps Scala Documentation – basic coverage of maps from Scala documentation.

  • Why are Scala val variables called values?

    One of the oddest things I encountered when starting to learn Scala was seeing variables called values instead of variables. When I first started reading the docs I saw a list of values of the classes, traits etc. I kept wondering WTF is a value why not call it a variable like every other language. […]

  • Scala Play Framework Slick resources and links

    Below is a list of resources, links, videos etc. a Play Framework and Slick example updated – very helpful article

  • How Scala Imports and Packages work

    One of the most important first things to learn about Scala is how Packages and Imports work. Below is a great video that covers the subject well. Why spend hours writing an article when an excellent resource exists? Also if you would like to know more about Scala package objects, which allow you to reuse […]

  • What are Scala package objects?

    Scala package objects are basically code, functions, variables, classes, objects that you want available to all of your other code/files/objects in a given package. Basically it is like a system to provide utility, helper or common code all in one place. Instead or writing an article I’ll post links to helpful resources. No reason to […]