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info and links for handling Assets in Play framework 2.8+

I couldn’t remember where I saw this specific link about assests in play framework.

This website was mainly created as my way to document the information I find about Scala and it’s frameworks
Assets 2.8x

Creating a custom play module – sometimes you need custom modules to perform custom tasks. This is from the documentation.

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Scala SBT resources

SBT is the main build tool for Scala. It builds, compiles, runs tests and much more. Below is a list of articles, videos and other useful information about SBT.


All that jazz – In depth article by James Roper about SBT what it is how it works etc.

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Play framework application folder structure

I am creating this post so it is easier to directly find the information. I had seen the information in this link once before but could not for the life of me remember where in the hell I had seen it in the documentation. I had to dig and click and dig and click and dig to find this.

The anatomy of a play framework application

The documentation there gives good information. One thing I may do later is write some articles about organizing your code for large projects.

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Scala Play framework twirl template resources and links

The documentation for play framework twirl templating engine left me with more questions than answers.

Below I am gathering a list of resources that better explain how the twirl template engine works. Eventually I will write some articles about what I discover.
Creating Play Framework template functions (examples) –  This does a better job of explaining the basics of template functions. He explains some of their lingo such as “reusable block” that threw me off too.


Making Our First View with Play using Scala – Explaining Basics of twirl templates

Making Our First Page with Play using Scala