Microprocessor resources and links

This page is dedicated to Arduino Alternative MicroControllers. These are similar to Arduino but more powerful or add some special feature. STM32 Arduino Tutorial – How to use the STM32F103C8T6 board with the Arduino IDE Blue-pill STM32 Programming Using ST-LINK V2 Dongle Installing the STM32 USB Bootloader, Easily!

Electrical Engineering resources and links

Electrical Engineering resources Cool links https://jlcpcb.com  This awesome website has a cool tool for designing PCB’s for free. They also have great prices on printing the PCB after you design it. Super affordable prices. Videos How to use a breadboard What are VOLTs, OHMs & AMPs? This very short video gives a quick overview of […]

Golang useful resources.

Useful Golang programming resources Making The Move From Scala To Go, And Why We’re Not Going Back -> a great article about some reasons why a company switched to golang. It mentions some important things to consider. Golang is great for microservices. Golang book. Free online book. 50 Shades of Go: Traps, Gotchas, and Common […]