Month: January 2020

  • Networking resources

    Listed are some resources about Networking concepts. I have many computers and devices and a large area to cover so I have multiple routers in play. Messing with so many devices and getting more into Arduino means I need to deepen my understanding of Networking concepts. This page lists resources I have found to be […]

  • Gitlab resources

    Videos What is Gitlab? This video is an introduction and quick overview of what gitlab is and why you might want to use it. GitLab CE Tutorial #2 – A Tour Of GitLab Introduction to GitLab Workflow Every single feature in Gitlab Plan This video quickly covers the features GitLab planning offers. This is a […]

  • Arduino resources

    The arduino language reference. Videos You can learn Arduino in 15 minutes. Display Arduino output (e.g. sensor data) on your computer monitor with this simple function: Part 1 Display Arduino output (e.g. sensor data) on your computer monitor with this simple function: Part 2 Tutorial 09: How to read voltages with analogRead(): Arduino Course for […]

  • How many microservices per kubernetes pod?

    How many microservices should I have per Kubernetes Pod? This is the question I had when I first encountered Kubernetes when trying to decide how to deploy my Microservice architecture based application. When reading through Kubernetes documentation or watching videos about kubernetes, you are told a pod holds one or more containers. So your first […]

  • Kubernetes resources

    Kubernetes resource list Kubernetes and Microservices go hand in hand. Basically you don’t want to do one without the other. Kubernetes is a container orchestration software. When you build a system based on the Microservice architecture you need a way to package and run those microservices on the cloud. The traditional way of preparing a […]

  • Useful and interesting programming tools

    Usernap this interesting tool connects to your github or gitlab account and visually displays bug tracking information to where ever you want it. This gives you the ability to allow guest views. I may use this to show my progress on development of the Social Platform.

  • Redhat developer resources

    My list of resources and information about Redhat software etc. RedHat OpenShift developer resources. This page has many links to free books, videos, articles etc. Building containerized applications Lots of useful information and resources here. This covers some of the tools RedHat offers for development with containers such as Buildah, Podman and Skopeo. It has […]

  • OpenShift information and resources

    OpenShift information and resources page OpenShift is a useful developer toolset. Articles Building Scala and SBT Applications on OpenShift Disaster Recovery Strategies for Applications Running on OpenShift OpenShift vs Kubernetes¬† This article covers the differences between OpenShift and Regular old Kubernetes. What is OpenShift? Once you decide you want to use Kubernetes you need some […]