Month: November 2019

  • Microservice Communication Resources

    Microservice Communication resources In order to completely understand microservices you also have to understand networking. Communication is one of the hardest parts of microservice design, get it wrong and your system simply won’t perform. Below are some useful links that explain networking concepts. Understanding the basics of RESTful APIs. This is a great article that […]

  • scala web development resources

    Resources for web development with Scala Scala tags. This library is for creating HTML from Scala. Thanks lihaoyi ScalaCSS a library for creating CSS from Scala

  • Scala Java Joke

    Interviewer: How much do you know about Java? Me : Enough to decide to learn Scala Interviewer: Do you not like Java? Me: I’d rather not write a paragraph to simply create and use an object

  • stream processing software resources and links

    Stream processing is useful for many things, including real-time suggestions to users about content that may interest them based on their actions. You can feed streams of events to an event processor to have it search text. Designing Data Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann has great information about Streaming and Stream Processing in Chapter 11 […]

  • event storming resources

    Event Storming Resources Event storming is a process of modelling software that works well with domain driven design principles. During an event storming session all involved parties get together and help model a domain, this helps everyone from the developer to the business decision makers understand the system and from a ubiquitous language ( common […]

  • Lagom notes and facts

    This is just a list of notes and facts I have gathered about Lagom. I’m the kind of person that asks 1 million questions and likes to know why things are done. Why does Lagom use Cassandra as an event store system? Lagom uses Cassandra as it’s event store. I wanted to know why they […]

  • functional programming resources and notes

    Before you get too excited and go all functional in Scala you should know that 100% Functional Scala can be serious Memory hog because you are making copies of everything everywhere because functional means immutable data. Be careful with things such as map and flatmap they create lots of extra objects. Avoiding loops for the […]

  • notes facts and resources about domain driven design aggregates

    DDD Domain Driven Design Aggregates When learning about Domain Driven Design one of the harder things is wrapping your head around what aggregates are. In this post I list some facts, some may be redundant, but redundancy helps reinforce concepts. Here is my personal list of facts and notes about domain driven design aggregates in […]

  • Scala tools and libraries

    ScalaSTM Software transaction memory