Month: October 2019

  • Lagom resources

    Videos Introduction to Lagom This is a video introduction and quick explanation of Lagom Lagom Developer Setup This short video describes how to setup a Lagom project Events-First Microservices with Lagom by Gideon de Kok Tom Peck – Building Better Microservices with Lagom What can Lagom Do for you? CQRS and Event Sourcing with Lagom […]

  • Microservice resources

    Microservice Resources Most of us older people have been building monoliths for most of our careers. Now BAM! a new buzzyword is born Microservices. Microservices are all about tearing apart the dreaded monolith into smaller services that all function together to perform the actions of the monolith. Microservices have many benefits over Monoliths, however they […]

  • Domain Driven Design Resources

    Domain Driven Design Learning Resources Domain Driven Design and it’s related concepts can take some time to understand. Below are links to articles, books and videos I have found helpful. Articles Here is a free guide to Domain Driven Design written by microsoft.   This guide covers CQRS and Event Sourcing complete with an app […]

  • Javascript resources

    javascriptweekly – keep up to date on the latest javascript news How to deal with dirty side effects in your pure functional JavaScript async/await is just the do-notation of the Promise monad Do we really need classes in JavaScript after all? The cost of javascript. Javascript is often misused and abused or poor practices are […]

  • Programming resources

    Dependency Inversion vs Dependency Injection vs Inversion of Control vs Programming to Interfaces Dependency Injection is evil.  The downsides of Dependency injection. You don’t need to know dependency injection. An article about dependency injection with Javascript SOLID Design Principles Explained: Dependency Inversion Principle with Code Examples Pros and cons of Dependency injection. Semantic versioning explained […]

  • Event sourcing and CQRS resources

    Event Sourcing and CQRS resources Articles This page from the Lagom Documentation explains why Event sourcing is useful. Advantages of Event Sourcing Exploring CQRS and Event Sourcing This link is from a Microsoft project and is an excellent resource about CQRS and Event Sourcing. It walks you through the entire decision process of breaking down […]

  • AKKA resources

    As I find useful resources to AKKA I will list them here. Links Akka Documentation. The documentation is a great place to start. Slideshare Akka Microservices. This slide series shows the related DDD concepts and how they relate to AKKA and Scala. Here is a link about why you shouldn’t create too many akka actor […]

  • Scala resources

    Scala links Here are some Scala resources I have found helpful.  I’ll be adding to the list as time goes on. I have books I have not had time to read which I will list later, I’ll also list new resources as I find useful ones. This serves mostly as a collection of notes so […]

  • Modular Software design

    Build it Modular!!! Those are the words I will always remember.  About 5 years ago I was talking to a retired Engineer in South Florida about an idea I had for an app at the time. His response was “Build it modular!”.  At the time it was already too late I had built the app […]

  • Web Development resources

    Media queries you should know about Browser support for Javascript API’s – This is a very useful table to see what is supported at the moment Link to ecmascript feature tables to look up what you can use in Javascript in current browsers. Transaction patterns for web applications – interesting article with good information. Must-Have […]