Scala Play framework twirl template resources and links

The documentation for play framework twirl templating engine leaves you with more questions than answers.It is actually pretty terrible. It is more help for those who already know it, than those trying to learn it. Basically reading the docs left me with more questions than answers.

Below I am gathering a list of resources that better explain how the twirl template engine works. Eventually I will write some articles about what I discover.
Creating Play Framework template functions (examples) –  This does a better job of explaining the basics of template functions. He explains some of their lingo such as “reusable block” that threw me off too.


Making Our First View with Play using Scala – Explaining Basics of twirl templates

Making Our First Page with Play using Scala

CORS cross origin resource sharing links and resources for developers

CORS Cross origin resource sharing allows you to decide if a script from a domain other than your website/app can access data aka make AJAX calls etc. to your server. For your frontend API you probably want to limit the origin to just your domain. For a developer API you probably want to allow all origins.

CORS for Developers by W3C – explains CORS for developers in clear wording

Configuring play framework 2.8 CORS filter


Bootstrap links and resources


Tree shaking with bootstrap and webpack

Learn the Bootstrap 4 Grid System in 10 Minutes


Using the Bootstrap 4 Grid | BOOTSTRAP 4 TUTORIAL

Responsive Bootstrap Website Start To Finish with Bootstrap 4, HTML5 & CSS3

Bootstrap 4 Navbar Concepts | BOOTSTRAP 4 TUTORIAL

Bootstrap 4 Alerts & Modals | BOOTSTRAP 4 TUTORIAL

CDN content delivery network links and resources

Using a CDN to Speed Up Static Content Delivery – very nice short article about how CND’s work in general
What is a CDN? | How do CDNs work? – Cloudflare documentation about CDN’s


What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

GOTO 2016 • What is a CDN and why Developers should Care about using one • Artur Bergman